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Slow-Killing Humanity

Emmy-winning producer and YouTube activist Jerry Day says issues, such as smart meters, 5G and vaccines, are some of the ways governments of the world have been slow-killing us for more than a decade.

In this edition of World Alternative Media, host Josh Sigurdson and Day examine the slow kill and the sinister methods used by governments to erase the population under the guise of safety. Their goal: wiping out 60 percent of humanity by 2030!

Trickle-Down Tyranny

Josh Sigurdson says what we see in China usually spreads to the rest of the world. Case in point are the recently employed mobile Covid testing units in China, whereby peopled were administered coronavirus tests. If they tested positive or did not comply, they were sent into quarantine. Pretty harsh measures, to say the least.

Truth is, says Sigurdson, we’re already witnessing these extreme similarities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. “This is no coincidence,” Sigurdson says. “China has been vastly propped up by the U.S. government over the years and used as a testing ground for tyranny.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Collapse Of Supply Chain

Josh Sigurdson reports there’s an obvious and controlled disruption to the supply chain, posing a clear danger to economies worldwide. The organized push is also causing massive employment shortages, which in turn, is halting the flow of goods and services internationally.

The lack of transportation, an offshoot in the disruption, is leading to massive livestock kill-offs and sparking skyrocketing inflation. An estimated 120,000 pigs are set to be slaughtered and tossed away, sending meat prices through the roof and making it unaffordable for most businesses and individuals. “When this happens, people become desperate. When people become desperate, they can be controlled,” Sigurdson says. This, of course, is in perfect timing for climate lockdowns and carbon credits added to social-credit scores, which also include the jab. More from World Alternative Media.

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