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UFO Distraction From Audits

UFOS and a commnication blackout will be used as a distraction from election audits and the emerging evidence that the 2020 Presidential election in America was stolen. Jordan Sather discusses on an X22 Report Spotlight.

Jordan begins the conversation talking about the pandemic, the pandemic is just that and planned false flag used for the elections and to bring us into the great reset. The [Deep State] is prepared and ready to use major distractions from the election audit results. They are now playing up the UFO, power grid angle. They will even go as far to say that there was a space anomaly that brought down the grid. The patriots have always known of this plan and countermeasures are in place.



It’s Not Going As Planned

According to some, the deep state/cabal planned the pandemic and released it earlier than they wanted to in order to keep Donald Trump from securing a second term. They crashed the economy and would have kept it closed forever, had President Trump not acted quickly to demand a vaccine for those who wanted one. Trump, who knew that having a vaccine was the only way to get the country open again, pushed it through under an emergency declaration. His quick action prevented the globalists from bankrupting the country, instituting the Great Reset, and turning the US into a Marxist camp. More from Lori Colley.

Freight train of truth is coming! The tidal wave of information is sinking the Deep State liars. Pray for more truth and for the liars to all be revealed as the scumbags they are. More from And We Know.

Why do the woke “anti-racist” leftists turn out to be the most openly racist haters? Let’s look at the swirl of racism surrounding Hunter Biden. More from JustInformed Talk.

Creating A Food Shortage

The Biden Administration is offering U.S. farmers 1.5 times the value of their crops to destroy them. If they refuse to take the offer, they will not receive subsidies, something every farmer relies on to put food on the table for Americans.

This looks eerily like another step in the Deep State’s Great Reset to destroy the country. It’s classic Communism: remove the power of the people to fight back, then create mass food shortages to make them weak and beholden to government. In the following brief but dramatic video clip on @Freedom4CM, one farmer reveals the truth.

The Great American Mask Panic

There have been stabbings, shootings and totalitarian warnings from the petty tyrants grasping for the ring of power. The Great American Mask Panic has even gripped the fragile mind of Joe Biden, as he attempts to wield the power of the symbolism of the mask over the masses, though it has long been exposed as a fraud.

Now more than a year after its implementation by a confused CDC and their overlords at the World Health Organization, normalcy is slowly returning to a populous, burned-out from the tyrannical message from the COVID-19 zealots. The tyranny will only end when COVD fables are fully exposed and those in power are voted out for aiding and abetting the dangerous and treasonous United Nations deception known as the Great Reset.

There Is A War On Freedom

Claudio Grass, a precious metals advisor from Switzerland, discusses the virus event. The people are rallying together to go against the lockdowns. The virus was created for the Great Reset. The new monitory system is being brought into focus. There is light at the end of the tunnel. People will reach the precipice sooner than many think. This is a war on Freedom. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.


Real Domestic Terror Threat

The real domestic terror threat occupies Washington DC and loathes Patriots, Constitutionalists and gun owners. Frank from the Quite Frankly show joins the SGT Report to discuss.

Today we take a look at the Shampeachment 2.0, expose the lies and hypocrisy behind it and delve into the mysterious death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. More from RedPill78.

The people are now seeing that [Joe Biden] has lied about the economy and what he was going to do. He said that there was a plan to stop Covid, get people back to work, get the children back into school. It’s not happening. He is waiting for the payoff. The [Central Bankers] need an event to push the Great Reset. They have begun the narrative.

The impeachment trial is a trap for the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media. If [Joe Biden] won by millions of votes, what are they worried about? Why are they impeaching someone who they cannot remove from office because he doesn’t hold an office? They are panicking. Everything they are talking about will boomerang back at them.

The [Deep State]/Corrupt Politicians opened the door to impeach anyone, election fraud and insurrection. Trump must prove his innocence. He must inject evidence legally. More from the X22 Report.

Smoking Guns Everywhere!

The whole world is watching! Each day, we see new evidence of the vote rigging and grand election thievery perpetrated by the Democrats in November. It was President Donald Trump’s duty to bring this malfeasance to our attention in 2020. Now, we can begin not only to re-form our own election process, but also to help other nations restore fair and balanced elections around the world. More from And We Know.

Sean Stone majored in American history, studying at Oxford and Princeton University. He grew up in the film world, acting in many of his father Oliver Stone’s films before becoming a director in his own right with Greystone Park. Sean also hosted the online show Buzzsaw.

Here, he begins the conversation with how the New World Order lineage are connected and they have been planning the Great Reset for a long time. Their mission is to remove the rights of the people and move the current world into their corner. There is one problem: Trump, he stands in their way of completing their plan. More from the X22 Report.

The Great Monetary Reset

Do you know what it means when the Managing Director of the IMF warns of a “new Bretton Woods moment?” How about when the head of the BIS revels in the total surveillance power that digital currencies will afford the central bankers? Well, you’re about to. Don’t miss this info-packed edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James Corbett peels back the layers of the great currency reset onion and uncovers the New World (Monetary) Order.

It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory!

In the first half I prove that “Build Back Better” & The Great Reset is one fascist plan for total control of the world. I show you exactly where it comes from. Next, I get into why people who know about it are fighting against it. Finally I end with some hope!! We’re going to beat these people, but first we have to cut through the media lies. More from Amazing Polly.


China Missiles Hit Target Ship

China may have successfully sunk a target ship during a missile launch in the South China Sea. If the reports of the incident are true, the U.S. military may be changing its operational calculations.

Last August, China launched a barrage of medium-range missiles into the South China Sea in retaliation for a U.S. Naval spy plane that flew over a China Naval drill just days before. It was originally thought that the missiles hit water, but according to a People’s Liberation Army insider in China, the missiles may actually have hit a target ship. If that’s true, it’s the first time China has demonstrated that its anti-ship missiles can hit their target. Of course, the mysterious report has a lot of holes in it. We still don’t know how many missiles were fired, whether the ship was moving or how fast and whether we can believe the PLA source who said this happened.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell fleshes out the details, plus discusses how President Trump wants to ban investment in companies linked to the Chinese military, the Great Reset if Joe Biden is declared the winner and the return of Henry Kissinger, who wants our country to cooperate with China.

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