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Gene Decode: Spherical Earth

Gene Decode refutes the flat Earth theory, saying it first began as a psyop to further dumb the masses. He says some people are still in 2D and can’t see in 3D.

“If there’s a firmament and nothing can get through, where do meteors come from?” he asks. “How over an 18-year period do you see 54 percent of the moon? A flat surface has half a surface, a circle. It doesn’t have a 54-percent surface.” He further debunks the flat Earth theory and talks about stargates, portals, DUMBs and a hollow Earth.

What’s down there? For starters, Decode says, three massive non-terrestrial ships were discovered below the surface and it is home to Yetis and Bigfoot, just another species of sentient beings who try to stay away from mankind. He also discusses war in the DUMBs, ascension,the transporting of gold off planet and world events. Here’s more on the Capt. Kyle podcast.

Simon Parkes: Alien Talk

Simon Parkes joins Patriot Party News (PPN) for his latest release of intel, including his take on the ever-conscious alien presence.

Parkes tells PPN that he has, in fact, traveled off world and speaks of alien beings, such as the Starsees children from the upper-fourth dimension, who incarnate on Earth and grow up very differently from humans. Parkes also gives his take on recent world events, including the alleged assassination of former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which says was a definite Deep State operation and posits that he may still be alive. Here’s more from PPN.

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