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Gene Decode: Spherical Earth

Gene Decode refutes the flat Earth theory, saying it first began as a psyop to further dumb the masses. He says some people are still in 2D and can’t see in 3D.

“If there’s a firmament and nothing can get through, where do meteors come from?” he asks. “How over an 18-year period do you see 54 percent of the moon? A flat surface has half a surface, a circle. It doesn’t have a 54-percent surface.” He further debunks the flat Earth theory and talks about stargates, portals, DUMBs and a hollow Earth.

What’s down there? For starters, Decode says, three massive non-terrestrial ships were discovered below the surface and it is home to Yetis and Bigfoot, just another species of sentient beings who try to stay away from mankind. He also discusses war in the DUMBs, ascension,the transporting of gold off planet and world events. Here’s more on the Capt. Kyle podcast.

What’s Under Antarctic Ice?

Why was Hitler and the world elite so fascinated with Antarctica? And why, to this day, is it one of the most heavily-protected and restricted regions in the world, protected by dozens of nations?

In the following three-hour video, Dan Bidondi and Brian Reece launch an in-depth look into what the elite could be hiding beneath and beyond the ice. Reece reports that one of the revelations was the discovery of a frozen ancient civilization in a cavern with domed-off rooms. There they found several pre-Adamite characters (humans who lived before Biblical character Adam) on concrete slabs in what appeared to be a reanimated system, who appeared to be in stasis. He explains further, plus discusses the discovery of what appears to be a triangular vessel, and more..

Revival Of Flat-Earth Theory

Filmmakers Nick Alvear and Lewis Herms join Nicholas Veniamin to review their latest films, plus discuss the stunning revelations of the documentary, The Lost History of Earth.

The discourse revolves around clones and documentary topics, the most shocking of which is the revival of the flat-Earth theory. Veniamin says the narrator in the documentary tells us how the moon is a plasma that reflects the lands of Earth and that is the real map of the planet, not the lie we have now.  “There’s more land reflected on the plasma of the moon that we don’t recognize to be on Earth and that’s what they are hiding from us,” Veniamin says.

The trio also gives their take on the documentary’s study of ancient architecture, with its massive entryways and high ceilings and luminescence, giving way to the theory that humans were much taller–perhaps 10 to 12-feet-tall–and the structures’ use of electromagnetism to supply electricity. Here’s more of the fascinating discussion and, as always, due your own research and due diligence.

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