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Gene Decode: Spherical Earth

Gene Decode refutes the flat Earth theory, saying it first began as a psyop to further dumb the masses. He says some people are still in 2D and can’t see in 3D.

“If there’s a firmament and nothing can get through, where do meteors come from?” he asks. “How over an 18-year period do you see 54 percent of the moon? A flat surface has half a surface, a circle. It doesn’t have a 54-percent surface.” He further debunks the flat Earth theory and talks about stargates, portals, DUMBs and a hollow Earth.

What’s down there? For starters, Decode says, three massive non-terrestrial ships were discovered below the surface and it is home to Yetis and Bigfoot, just another species of sentient beings who try to stay away from mankind. He also discusses war in the DUMBs, ascension,the transporting of gold off planet and world events. Here’s more on the Capt. Kyle podcast.

Flying Alongside Demons

Reports are surfacing about unique night-vision–or interdimensional–goggles, used during the Vietnam War, which gave U.S. air forces the capability to tap into the astral realm where they allegedly encountered other-dimensional demons and beings.

In the following feature, courtesy of 99Percent, the goggles contained dicyanin dye, said to make light waves beyond the human eye capability visible. The dye changes wavelength, known as fluorescence, absorbs invisible light, uses some of its energy and then remits it in the visible range, all in an instant, so it appears immediate in real time.

Veterans were so traumatized by the experience to the point where the goggles were banned in the U.S.  Here’s more, and please use discretion when viewing the video.

Waking Up In 5D

Inspirations host Lisa Garr welcomes author and practical mystic, Maureen St. Germain, to discuss accessing consciousness in the fifth dimension, transitioning us away from the polarized mindset of our current third dimension. St. Germain describes the higher dimension as “Heaven on Earth,” where there is no right or wrong and explains how to get there. Here’s more.

Trump’s Timeline Optics

Alan Fountain tells  NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that America is now experiencing a timeline of elements, all pulling Democrats and Rinos away from Joe Biden and into President Trump’s camp.

“The timeline we’re in now is not the 5DQ advanced intelligence, we’re in the 3D Trumplican winning votes timeline, where we’re inspiring former Democrats and Rino followers to see the logic in following Trump versus Biden,” Fountains says. Here’s more.

Pearl Harbor Attack Preplanned

In a shocking reveal, J. Reid reports that the U.S. government knew ahead of time that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. The debacle, he says, was preplanned by the bankers, Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt so it would drag us into World War II.

“What people don’t know,” Reid says, “is that Americans wanted no part of the war, but the warmongers did in order to enrich themselves (see video below).” Same ol’ Deep State playbook we see today. He brings us the details, beginning at the 20-minute mark of the video, discusses how humanity’s ascension into 4D actually began in 2012 and talks about the state of the Star seeds in our presence, plus more.

Here’s more detail on the planned Pearl Harbor shocker from

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