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Kaos Kulture Mind Kontrol

Norm Traversy joins Linda Paris for an incisive look into color programming and mind control. They offer a breakdown of Rosemary’s Baby. Colors have meaning. The power of red! The meanings of yellow! 1960s color programming!

The Illuminati have to tell us what their plans are! Giant hole in front of the Parliament Building! White House scaffolding! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

The Nephilim Agenda

Dr. Laura Sanger joins the program to share her extensive research into the Nephilim from the days of Noah through today. She shows how the original documented Nephilim agenda maps to the current New World Order Globalist agenda. Sanger is author of the book The Roots of the Federal Reserve: Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the U.S. Dollar.

We discuss the importance of understanding who our enemy is and how we can defeat them for good. More from Sarah Westall on her Business Game Changers channel. This is a two-part series. We will bring you both videos below.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Charlie Barkin (Charlie Sheen) and Itchy Itchiford (Dom Deluise) join with Sasha La Fleur (Sheena Easton) and the orphan David (Adam Wylie) to wrest Gabriel’s Horn away from the hellcat Red (George Hearn). Lured out of position, Red gets sent straight back to Hell through the blasting of the horn in All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, the 1996 animated feature.

This children’s tale is all the more relevant today as protesters and patriots blast their horns to vanquish demons, hellcats and lying political fascists around the world.

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