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Welcome To Hellifornia

California is destroying itself, or rather, the policies of Democrat politicians are destroying it. But many other states are working to ensure what’s happened there, won’t happen to them. More from RedPill78.

Anti-Christ Speech Exposed

The enemy is pushing for Satan to have authority! We must fight back against the Devil! And send the Democrats burn in hell, where they belong! Pray! More from And We Know.

Castle Covers Gateway To Hell

Legend surrounds the Houska Castle, an early Gothic castle located about 29 miles north of Prague in the Czech Republic. It’s said to be safeguarding a gateway to Hell. The question we ask: Is this to prevent humans from descending down into Hell or demons from escaping up onto the Earth? More from Apollo’s Artifacts.

The Fall Of Lucifer

Lucifer means ‘Light-Bringer’ or ‘the morning star’, and is a Latin name for the planet Venus in its morning appearances, often used for mythological and religious figures and Goddesses associated with the planet. Due to the unique movements and discontinuous appearances of Venus in the sky, mythology surrounding these figures often involved a fall from the heavens to earth or the underworld. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Sacrifices Will Open The Portals

Just as Jesus died on the Cross to enter Heaven, the Satanists practice human sacrifices to open portals and the gates leading to Hell. Of course, Fallen Angels lead these demons, angels who are well aware of the celestial pathways as well as those here on Earth. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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Hell on Earth

Human beings have short memories. Especially when it comes to history. When Q told us that the enemies of the President and of the American people are “pure evil”, most of us understood. But when Q said a Hillary victory would have been “Hell on earth”, it wasn’t just conjecture, or puffery. It was absolutely quantifiable. Think Mao. Think Stalin. THIS is exactly what Q meant….More from the SGTReport.

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