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Kaos Kulture Mind Kontrol

Norm Traversy joins Linda Paris for an incisive look into color programming and mind control. They offer a breakdown of Rosemary’s Baby. Colors have meaning. The power of red! The meanings of yellow! 1960s color programming!

The Illuminati have to tell us what their plans are! Giant hole in front of the Parliament Building! White House scaffolding! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Rothschild Yellow And Blue

We’ve all seen the Covid-19 advertising bathed in yellow and blue. Now, we’re seeing the yellow and blue again as nations across Europe and North America rally around Ukraine, which has a yellow and blue flag.

It turns out those colors are the long-term primary colors of the Rothschild family. They have been used by yachtsmen and horse jockeys and soccer teams sponsored by, or affiliated with, the Rothschilds. Also vineyards, hotels and even Masonic lodges, all using this exact same color scheme.  More from Hugo Talks.

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