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Kaos Kulture Mind Kontrol

Norm Traversy joins Linda Paris for an incisive look into color programming and mind control. They offer a breakdown of Rosemary’s Baby. Colors have meaning. The power of red! The meanings of yellow! 1960s color programming!

The Illuminati have to tell us what their plans are! Giant hole in front of the Parliament Building! White House scaffolding! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Canada Politicos Applaud Nazi

David Freiheit, host of Viva Frei, took on a new role as interviewee on Going Underground, supporting the outrage surrounding the standing ovation for Ukrainian Nazi Waffen SS veteran Yarosav Hunka by key Canadian government members.

Frei aimed his ire at the Canadian Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who gave Hunka two standing ovations for fighting the Soviet Union during World War II. “They’re so oblivious to history. They don’t understand that Soviets, good or bad in the time, were the allied forces.”

Frei elaborates, plus also blasts Frances’s total censorship of Rumble for carrying RT (Russia Today) after the ban on YouTube, and much more.

Pit Abuts Canada’s Parliament

Join me as I field an impromptu phone call from Norm Traversy on the Take-Back Canada special. What’s with the giant 100-foot pit in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa? Here, see photos of black “Inkas,” or armored bulletproof vehicles.

From his jail cell, Guy Brummell later joins for more updates on a situation in Canada that keeps growing more tense. Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police acting scared or backing away? What’s happening with Traversy’s avowed plan to serve Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a warrant for treason?

Otherwise, this is a full, loaded episode of McAllister TV with high-level snark. She gives her observations on former President’ Donald Trump’s latest rally in North Carolina. Also in this episode: Viewer mail and a new outlook on Laura’s View and Tarot Too.


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