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Soul Sistahs

Watch the low-low-low budget sci-fi independent film SOUL SISTAHS starring Omarosa as a TV villain who sets out to steal a lock of Donald Trump’s hair for all the power in the universe. The original film came out in 2006, and is now gaining wider notoriety following Omarosa’s departure from the White House.

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Satan in Prison

Satan is confined to an empty cell but it doesn’t take him long to dress up the place, using magic to create a table, chairs, paintings and eventually a woman in this 1907 fantasy by Georges Melies.  As in his previous films, the special effects are certainly the highlights and while the trick shots are obviously done through editing, the quality had certainly improved by this point in the director’s career.

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Alcohol Is Poison!

What About Drinking, brought to us by the Prelinger Archive, is an educational film created at the Center of Alcohol Studies at Yale University in 1954. It centers on a group of teenagers, whose party is interrupted with news of a car accident: Bob and Ted hit a pedestrian while driving, and police found a bottle of alcohol in the car.

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Lily, a young girl whose parents are divorcing, tells her older brother Calvin why she’s building a time machine to return back to when everyone was happy. Stephen Boyer wrote and directed this sweet, but also melancholic short, starring Blake Hardy and Analise Schoenbaum. H/T Kuriositas

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Captain T & T

Thin Foot, a young boy living on the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago,  imagines himself as a superhero in the making. His alter-ego is Captain T & T, a crime-fighter destined to right the wrongs in the world. Perhaps Thin Foot’s fantasies and ambitions are a tad unrealistic, but this dreamer deserves credit for his unflagging optimism. He never throws in the towel even in the face of defeat. This short, an imaginative mix of live-action and animation, is the work of a husband and wife team, Christopher and Leizelle Guinness. H/T Kuriositas

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The Demoralized Barbershop

The customers in a barber shop get closer-than-expected razor shaves after two women pass by the sloop overhead, flashing their legs and causing an uproar among the leering barbers and men downstairs.  This was actually a staged film, shot in Thomas A. Edison’s Black Maria Studios, most likely in late 1897. Edison historian C. Musser has identified William Heise as the director of the film, preserved in the collection of the Library of Congress. Its full title: What Demoralized the Barber Shop.

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Made in Ladakh

Here’s another in our ongoing series of time-lapse videos showcasing beautiful and exotic places around the world. Ladakh is a remote region in northernmost India, bordering Tibet and flanked by the Himalayan Mountains. Panidhar Revanur shot and edited this short, highlighting such locales as the Likir Monastery, Moonland, Tsomoriri Lake and the Chang La Pass. H/T Kuriositas

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The Sky of the Canaries

This is one of the more awe-inspiring time-lapse movies around, created by Daniel Lopez to capture the haunting quality of the skies over the Canary Islands. Lopez shot these images in Tenerife at some 2,000 feet above sea level, where the mountains and clouds begin to meet. It took him more than a year to photograph and assemble the work. He is planning to do several other follow-up shorts highlighting the beauty of the different islands. H/T Kuriositas

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The Ellington Kid

A young victim of a stabbing incident stumbles into a kebab shop in South London, his attackers in hot pursuit. We won’t reveal what happens next, other than to say it could be grist for urban legend or else based on a true story…kind of — as the opening credits aver. This short film is plenty gripping, although not meant for the squeamish viewer. Dan Sully wrote and directed the piece. H/T Kuriositas

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The Human Piano!

Israeli filmmaker Eran Amir makes some of the most imaginative short collages around. Call Me Stormy readers responded most favorably to his work Black and White (In Colour), which we presented last fall. Now, Amir is back hitting the streets, assembling a collage of 300 people, each hitting one single musical note, to create a flowing, harmonious melody. If you missed Black and White (In Colour), you can find it here:

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