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Red Skelton’s Guzzler’s Gin

The iconic Red Skelton returns to the lighter side of life with his most requested and performed vaudeville routine. The skit centers around a radio announcer featured in an advertisement, who has to use the product–in this case Guzzler’s Gin–but he doesn’t drink! The video is courtesy of ycbsiiw.

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Saturn and the Black Sun

The Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus Cicero called Saturn, Phainon, a word meaning “shining”. Saturn is where we get our name for Saturday, and Saturnalia was probably the most popular festival of the Roman calendar.

Saturnalia evolved into Christmas we celebrate today. Saturnalia was basically a week-long orgy — a lawless, drunk festival, filled with human sacrifice, murders, gambling and pagan rituals. The origins of mistletoe and cutting down trees stem from this celebration. It lasted every year during the winter solstice, December 17th through the 24th. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and independent anthropologist.

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The Cold, Beer Facts

Want to sound like a genius next time your pounding down a beer at your favorite bar?

In this edition of Mental Floss, John Green  provides 26 facts and tips about beer that you probably weren’t aware of, such as beer and marijuana are basically plant cousins. You probably know that FDR ended Prohibition, but it was President Carter who legalized home brewering in 1978. Check in as Green takes us through 24 more amazing facts.

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Booze Binge Almost Kills Student

A British college student has vowed never to drink again following an all-nighter that nearly claimed her life. The culprit? Three triple shots of vodka, plus ensuing visits to two more bars! Get the lowdown on this foolish escapade with Elliott Morgan in this edition of SourceFed.

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Bootleggers and Baptists

We all know bootleggers and Baptists rarely see eye to eye. Ask one group and its members will probably tell you they despise the other group. Yet, when it comes to government regulation, both bootleggers and Baptists work together. Prof. Bruce Yandle explains that this happens because both groups actually desire the same outcome. The Baptists benefit, for example, from laws that make the sale of alcoholic beverages illegal on Sundays. Bootleggers benefit because now they can sell alcohol on Sundays.

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Alcohol Is Poison!

What About Drinking, brought to us by the Prelinger Archive, is an educational film created at the Center of Alcohol Studies at Yale University in 1954. It centers on a group of teenagers, whose party is interrupted with news of a car accident: Bob and Ted hit a pedestrian while driving, and police found a bottle of alcohol in the car.

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Science of Hangovers

So what exactly is it that makes a hangover suck so hard? Turns out there are three things interacting to make you feel miserable. Hank Green’s got the details in this episode of SciShow.

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Transylvania’s Plum Liquor

VICE correspondent Jordan Redaelli heads to a tiny Romanian village in the foothills of the Carpathians to hang out with the Cazan family, master brewers of a fiery tequila-like drink called palinka. There he samples the 70-proof hooch, visits a Gypsy disco, and attempts to mix up a palinka based punch for an impromptu post-church party, Romanian-style.

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Firewater and Female Wrestlers

In La Paz, Bolivia, Vice correspondent Jordan Redaelli meets a pair of female wrestlers (Cholitas) who like to beat each other up for the fun of it. He’s also introduced to the world’s strongest alcohol, the 96% Caiman liquor – or ‘firewater’ as it’s known to the locals. After the big grudge match Jordan attempts to make a drinkable cocktail out of the potent brew, hoping it’ll restore some peace between the fiery combatants in the process.

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The Natural Aphrodisiac

VICE correspondent Jordan Redaelli travels to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to learn about an indigenous drink called poyo. Poyo is said to hold mystical properties, bestowing money, power and fierce erections to those who drink it. Later, Redaelli hits the beach to mix up a poyo-infused cocktail.

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