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Every Leak Now Weaponized!

The plandemic has ended. But the Deep State is cracking down, trying to control everything on all fronts.

The radical extremists in the Joe Biden administration have weaponized leaks, just as they have done with censorship.  Forget about transparency. These bureaucrats want to dictate everything, leaving little for further discussion. Must be tough to run a virtual Stalinist regime within the United States! Especially when your fearless leader can’t even board a plane without falling on his ass!

Also in this episode: Twitter/Telegram under fire! Remember back when President Donald Trump entered the belly of the beast, speaking to the globalists at the World Economic Forum: More from And We Know.

Twitter Files: Pfizer Drop

A new update from The Twitter Files dropped Monday, showing how Pfizer worked to suppress dissident Tweets that challenged the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. The company made billions of dollars off the flawed vaccine, so it had a greedy motive to cap the truth and keep the profits rolling in. Alex Berenson released the new Twitter Files. Here, they are interpreted by Kim Iverson and Ed Dowd.

Kevin McCarthy WINS the Speakership and swears in the new Congress. Rep. Davidson explains the Mouth Grab incident and Dan Crenshaw has heartburn. Justice Scalia shares wisdom and Matt Gaetz welcomes McCarthy.

The GOP launches a new agenda in Congress, including defining the new rules and introducing bills to repeal the 87,000 IRS agents and form a committee to investigate the weaponization of the government. Where does Jim Jordan fit in?

Alex Berenson releases Twitter Files 12 on his substack and we review what’s inside on RUMBLE and TWITTER only. more from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.