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People Will See The Tide Turn

The [Deep State] narrative is falling apart. The pandemic is coming to an end. World leaders are now admitting this and the [Deep State] is now backtracking, trying to cover their tracks. This is failing. Everything they did had nothing to do with science, especially Fauci’s recommendations.

Everything is now prepped. The patriots will begin the offensive. The initial wave will fast and meaningful. The [Deep State] will receive the message and the the people will begin to see the tide turn. More from the X22 Report.

Premeditated Vaccine Murder

Dr. Christiane Northrup and Clay Clark return to SGTReport with the real news and quantifiable data that the mainstream mockingbird media refuse to share with the American people.

Northrup and Clark discuss the stunning revelations from whistleblower and former Pfizer chief scientist, Michael Eaton, who concluded that based on the ingredients of some vaccine lots, what we’re talking about here from Pfizer, Moderna and likely Johnson & Johnson is premeditated mass murder. They join SGTReport host Sean Turnbull with more details.


Deep State Chatter Has Begun

The [Deep State]/Big Pharma has gone down the path of the collapse. They were given a choice:  Show the people the truth or collapse under the weight of fraud and criminality. It seems they are choosing option two: Collapse. The fake news is already signaling that the pandemic is coming to an end. The clock is now ticking down. The next phase of the patriot plan is now in motion: Take the bullhorn away from the fake news. All the pieces are coming together. More from the X22 Report.

Dr. Martin: Trump Is Lying

President Trump’s recent endorsement of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout and his statement that no one has died from the jab has patriots in a tizzy. So the burning question is: Why is President Trump promoting the vaccines? Is he merely protecting his Operation Warp Speed program that launched the Covid jabs? Has he gravitated to the dark side? Or is this part of his plan?

Dr. David Martin bluntly says that Trump is lying. He says it’s an impossibility that Trump could make the statement that no one has died from the jabs, because in the trials themselves there were abnormal numbers of deaths in the vaccine population. He says Pfizer even had a memo published, stating there’s an acceptable death rate in its vaccine program.

But Martin is annoyed that Pfizer will not release data on its adverse events and death rates, which is in clear violation of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Says Martin, “This is a willful act of the harming of Americans … and I am more than happy to hold the possibility that Trump was very poorly advised.” Martin joins host Seth Holehouse on Man in America with more of the story.

The Jab Is The Variant

The conspiracy theorists have been proven right yet again. World Alternative News’ Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of a Danish study, confirming that people who are vaccinated are far more likely to contract and spread the so-called fake omicron variant, shattering their immune systems.

The study shows that Pfizer customers are 76.5% more likely to get sick than the unvaccinated and Moderna customers are 39.3% more likely to be infected. Sigurdson says the study is based on a so-called variant that can’t even be found via testing. In other words, this is all a blatant lie! Here are the details.

Pfizer’s Purchase Suspicious

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Pfizer purchase of Arena Pharmaceuticals, a corporation that specializes in, among other things, heart inflammation. One of Arena Pharmaceuticals’ alleged claims to fame is its ability to solve myocarditis and pericarditis, two common side affects from the Covid vaccinations on younger people.

Not only is this extremely suspicious, but it’s clearly calculated, Sigurdson says. Pfizer has been under fire–and banned in many countries–for causing massive rates of heart inflammation through its vaccines. Sigurdson takes a deeper dive into the story in this edition of World Alternative Media.

The Real Fauci: Sinister Evil

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., author of the recently released book, The Real Anthony Fauci, joins Stew Peters for a powerful one-on-one, discussing the details of the Fauci/Gates relationship and how Fauci has been able to get away with murder.

RFK says vaccine and placedo data reveals that you are 500 percent more likely to die of a heart attack in the next six months. And if you do not die, it also means the research shows that for every life lost from Covid, they are killing four people from heart attacks. “Now this might not mean anything, because the study was small. It should of been 400,000 people, not 40,000,” Kennedy says. “But that is the study that Pfizer and the FDA said we’re going to rely on, and that’s what the study shows.”

In the following report, Peters also discusses children and vaccines, the sinister transhumanism movement, Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s vaccine bioweapon mandates and more.

Hold The Line

The Deep State establishment continues to double down on policies that are illegal and wholly unpopular. On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says they cannot win this and are completely trapped in their corner, as the walls are removed and their hiding spot is revealed.

“We are very close to officially taking this country back from these tyrants.,” says Radiostyle. “Hold the line, hold the direction we’re going and civilly disobey.” Here’s his report.


The Covid-19 Delusion

Ceylon doubles down on the Covid 19 phenomenon that has gripped the planet in the last two years, proclaiming there is no pandemic. The proof is in the numbers, he says. More than 90 percent of the PCR tests produce false positives, the survival rate for younger people is 99.97 percent and 99.6 percent for the elderly.

According to the CDC, 94.6 percent of those who allegedly died from Covid, had 2.6 pre-existing conditions on average. And, finally, he says, masks definitely do not work. Anti-vaccine advocate and environmental lawyer

Robert Kennedy Jr. says a lot of the blame should be placed on Big Pharma, particularly Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi and Merck. Kennedy says that since 2009, these four companies shelled out more than $35 billion in criminal penalties in damages for falsifying science, defrauding regulators, lying to the public and for killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Here are more details from Ceylon, who also details the power of cannabis, herbs and plants in curing our ailments.

I Hate Big Pharma

Except for Pfizer. I hate all corporations except for this one that I love. Sue me. More from Ryan Long.

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