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Tiny AI

Smart and decentralized. Here’s a review on automatons, artificial intelligence and what kind of limits face software.

There are two videos to watch, as the creator, Clif High, had to break to entertain a visitor. The second video is a little longer than the first, so watch one, and then decide if you want to see the whole nine yards! More from Clif High.

Tate “Arrest” Exaggerated

Questions are now arising about Andrew Tate and whether or not he has been arrested in Romania. Some media accounts have suggested Tate and his brother Tristan were apprehended on rape and human trafficking charges. But Andrew Tate’s attorney says no arrests occurred and he has been “detained” while authorities investigate unspecified charges.

In other words, there could have been an arrest, or we could be looking at something more fishy, possibly even a shakedown.

Conservative political activist Jack Posobiec tweeted out that a trans activist, Alejandra Caraballo, concocted the arrest story, or at least, a portion of the story involving the appearance of a Bucharest pizzeria box. We’ll have to see how the pizza crumbles over the next few days to better gauge what’s afoot. Here’s more from The Quartering.

Andrew Tate Arrested!

Ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate has been arrested after police raided his home in Pipera, Romania — an upscale village on the outskirts of Bucharest. Tate and his brother Tristan were both taken into custody by the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism.

Paparazzi at the scene said Tate and his brother were facing charges linked with the abduction.  There has yet to be an official announcement made by the Romanian police, but some media outlets later said the charges included allegations of rape and human trafficking involving at least six women.

The raid followed on the heels of a Twitter fight between Andrew Tate and the climate change leftist Greta Thunberg. More from The Quartering.

Here, Paul Joseph Watson analyzes the social media skirmish between Tate and Thunberg that has erupted over the past couple of days. Watson calls this video Small Dick Energy.

Ze Big Enchilada

The Mother Weffers (World Economic Forum members) are trying to grab ze big enchilada. They want full control of the planet. Their big pandemic didn’t go off as planned. And we all know climate change is largely a fraud. You don’t even see Greta Thunberg spreading her baloney much any more.

Here, Clif High addresses the Mother Weffers, the death shot, the Central Banks, the Great Awakening, the Khazarian Mafia and their ilk of magicians, wizards and warlocks.


Where’s “Doomsday” Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg appears to have fallen off the planet. The shrieking Doomsday ecofreak remains incognito, nowhere to be seen. What’s up? More from Steve Turley.

Why We Need Greta Thunberg

You may be upset about how little Greta Thunberg you have been seeing lately. I’m here to change that with Greta Thunberg 2.0! More from AwakenwithJP.

Pelosi Denied Communion

How dare they follow their own rules. More from FreedomToons.


They don’t age well. Who are they? We’re talking about the genetically engineered, AI-enhanced, bi-gender, goat goad wannabes!

Here, drawing upon banned videos that shine a light on the deception, McAllisterTV gives us a closer look at a bunch of these wannabes, starting with Aleister Crowley and progressing into the Hollywood spawn: Val Kilmer! Cher! John Travolta! David Letterman’s wife Regina! Sylvester Stallone! And even the little environmental prick Greta Thunberg!

Sit back and learn. Our hat trick goes to Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO who ordered so many of these videos banned. Keep pushing your censorship, Susan. The more you try to erase the truth, the more we learn.


Greta On The Shelf

This Christmas, get the doll that will shame and terrify your children about the climate… Greta On The Shelf! More from The Babylon Bee.

An About-Face For Greta!

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg caught the fancy of liberal environmentalists a few years ago when challenging world leaders to take immediate action on climate change. The following brief, but stunning, 13-second clip features Thunberg in a completely different light, singing along with friends, “You Can Shove Your Climate Crisis Up Your Arse.”

Says Eddy English, “Greta Thunberg is now forgetting about her MK Ultra treatment as she sings to ‘You Can Stick Your Climate Crisis Up Your Arse.’ You wont see this on mainstream media.” Here the quickie video.


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