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Left Losing The Information War

Twitter targeting hoax. The election was rigged.

If you support free speech, avoid the mainstream media. Its lies are failing. Do not bend. Do not be dragged down in the information war.

Kari Lake is on fire. The FBI is exposed. The woke left is losing on the battlefront. Pray! More from And We Know.

Bill Maher Dumps Woke Left

The woke, radical, political Left is losing supporters in droves, because they’ve completely gone bonkers. Liberal Hivemind reports that the latest casualty is total left-wing partisan Bill Maher, whose red-pill moments are increasing by the day.

“If the Left is losing someone like Bill Maher, what do you think is happening to regular Americans, concerned parents, independent voters, suburban voters,” says Liberal Hivemind. Here’s his report, including a clip of Maher excoriating the woke Left.

Beck Rattles The Woke Left

When the cancel culture wielded its ugly censorship hammer on Dr. Seuss, labeling his children’s books as racist, it got Glenn Beck to thinking about what’s really going on.  No one, he says, has ever been offended or is in therapy after reading and purchasing millions of these books for decades. “I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘It started with the Dr. Seuss books.’ It’s the same people today that are telling us what to say, what’s offensive and what’s not.”

So Beck took it  upon himself to bring us his whimsical version of Dr. Seuss. This tale, minus the Whos or green eggs, is about FDR and is probably something that will rattle the woke Left.

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