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Treason And Hidden History

Believe it or not amidst all of the lies, sedition and treason there is some GOOD news to share. Free speech is being defended, SCOTUS has received a TREASON case and much more. Dustin Nemos joins the SGTReport to discuss this and so much more.

Explosive Fauci Emails Exposed

Unredacted emails have finally been released that show the degree to which Anthony Fauci and other virologists conspired to hide the shocking truth: SARS did not come from bats or other natural predators, but was instead released from the lab in Wuhan.

The research involved in creating the virus came from Fauci and his associates. In other words, they are wholly complicit and behind this massive pandemic that spreads worldwide, ruining countless lives! More from Peak Prosperity.


New song from the Conspiracy Music Guru.

Martha, Queen And Lies

The Leftists are losing control of the agenda. More people are openly aware and discussing the parade of lies we see happening all around us. Everyone now knows the media is complicit. That’s because the Deep State no longer dominate the headlines or prevent the emergence of the truth. More from And We Know.

Brandon’s Most Honest Lies

We now know Joe Biden routinely tells lies. He can’t stop with the whoppers. But here is a short list, exactly 10, of his most honest lies.

Remember: None of this is his fault. It’s OK if he lies. He was born to lie. More from AwakenwithJP.

Deceptions! Manipulations!

McAllister TV offers a chapter in a new video series focusing on Hollywood’s transgender deceptions. Here, we not only see Flip Wilson and Charlie Chaplin masquerading as women, but we come to understand how much Hollywood has peddled lies and misconceptions. “None of these people are who they say they are,” says Linda Paris, host of McAllister TV.

Also, the channel apologizes for jumping the gun and misrepresenting facts Friday on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She says she was in a hurry, and distracted by other tasks, so she failed to accurately decipher some facts, some conjecture, relating to the conflict, specifically, involving Putin and his alleged handling of the Ukraine biolabs and biochemists.

We’ll give her credit. At least she owns up to her mistakes, unlike the fake news outlets, like CBS or USA Today, that consistently and routinely spread lies without ever confessing their duplicity.



Speaking Of Misinformation

Let’s examine the track record of Wikipedia. It follows in the tradition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, except Wikipedia is packed full of lies. More from Mark Dice.


Convoy Reaches Critical Moment

The Freedom Convoy has reached a critical patch in Canada. There is a sea of lies being spread about the convoy, mostly by Canada’s bought-off media and members of opposing political parties in Canada that support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Amazing Polly has spent many hours deciphering through the morass of lies to glean the real truth of what’s happening. In this update on the convoy, she warns, “We are in the fight of our lives.”

Protesters gathered in southern France on Wednesday for what they say will be a “freedom convoy” that will converge on Paris and Brussels to demand an end to COVID-19 restrictions, inspired by Canada’s anti-mandate protests. More from the Global News.

Sniff And Snorty

A real-life documentary focusing on the close relationship between father and son — Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. More from The United Spot.

Vax Lies Unraveling

Vaccine lies are unraveling at the same time that we’re witnessing Afghanistan treason and inflation increasing. Join Greg Hunter of as he talk about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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