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Live Not By Lies

I discuss the practice of lying to fit in, sometimes called Ketman. Here’s more from Amazing Polly.

Lies, Bribes And Crimes

Hunter Biden’s lawyer has leaked all 5 years of the investigatory files to the press & they show he played a direct part in the fake Ukraine impeachment of President Donald Trump. The unelected and illegitimate Biden Family Business is clearly grounded on lies, bribes and crimes. More from RedPill78.

President Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows files a major motion to dismiss himself as a co-defendant in the Big Fani Willis’ Georgia RICO case against 19 co-defendants. Meadows invokes his status as a federal officer and the Supremacy clause to make the case that Fani’s prosecution is unconstitutional. Another report reveals that Mark Meadows told Special Counsel Jack Smith that Trump did not ask him to declassify documents and Mike Pence reacts.

A new report from Politico reveals that Hunter Biden’s lawyers threatened and bullied the Biden Department of Justice into granting Hunter an unprecedented plea deal. The documents show Hunter Lawyer’s threatened to haul Joe Biden in to testify. Biden refuses to comment and Rep. James Comer weighs in on the government’s obstruction.

The “Trump is already disqualified” narrative starts to go mainstream on the cable news networks, with Judge Luttig and Lawrence Tribe explaining the theory. GOP presidential hopeful Asa Hutchinson endorses the theory, Senator Bill Cassidy urges Trump to drop out and Schiff reacts. Where is the GOP? Senator Tom Cotton weighs in. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Climate Crisis? Or Hot Air?

This episode is all about the current ‘mega-crisis’ that will make the Covid-crisis pale in comparison: The Climate emergency that will destroy our planet and humanity, unless we pay a lot of CO2-tax.

How did the Cabal get us to believe their impertinent CO2 lies? By using fraudulent ‘scientists’ and the MSM, as always.

Does Climate Change exist? Of course! It’s a natural phenomenon.

Is there a Climate Emergency? No. You don’t believe us? Then let’s listen to the real scientists, the ones who refuse to be bribed into silence and who risk their careers by sticking to the Truth. It’s about time they get to tell their side of the story, don’t you think? Here’s another Sequel to the Fall Of The Cabal from Janet Ossebaard  and Cyntha Koeter.

Exposing Fauci’s Big Lie

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he took an “extraordinary step” against White House senior medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci in a “Fox & Friends” interview Thursday.

Paul took exception with Fauci’s testimony that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease did not fund covid research at the virology lab in Wuhan, China. “I don’t think there’s ever been a clearer case of perjury in the history of government testimony,” Paul says. Here’s more from The Daily Caller.

Generations In Mourning

How is the New (ab)Normal impacting the different generations? What will the newest generation grow up to be if they never know freedom and are stewed in lies? More from Amazing Polly.

The Storm Has Arrived!

And something yuge is coming this week. Look for a major revelation that will haste the start of a mass public awakening! No longer will the CIA, FBI or the rest of the goons within the federal government be able to tighten down the hatches and hide so much from our view. Here’s more from the Christian Patriot News.

Good versus evil, right from wrong, are now on full display. The Supreme Court’s recent rulings prove we are waking up. We no longer will accept the lies, corruption and manipulations of the Deep State.

If the FBI and CIA continue to play games with the truth, and harass everyday Americans, we can show both of these agencies the door! If the fake news keeps choosing political sides and only reporting on behalf of Democrats, we can turn off every one of our TV sets, as well as our radios, and throw away the newspapers, too!

Stay together! Keep your eyes open! Listen and pray! More from And We Know.

Evidence Shows: Covid A Sham

Dr. Marty Makary, the Fox News medical contributor, tells Jesse Watters that doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci blatantly lied and distorted the facts in pushing the Covid-19 vaccines. “We were right, a lot of Covid rules were made up,” says Makary. “It was all a sham.” Here’s more from Wil Paranormal.

Left Losing The Information War

Twitter targeting hoax. The election was rigged.

If you support free speech, avoid the mainstream media. Its lies are failing. Do not bend. Do not be dragged down in the information war.

Kari Lake is on fire. The FBI is exposed. The woke left is losing on the battlefront. Pray! More from And We Know.

Lies Crash Down On Deep State

The [Deep State] has been wrong about everything. Trump is proven right every single time. The lies are crashing down around the [Deep State]. There is no escape from this. The fake news [knowingly] have been lying to the people using propaganda and the people are going to want accountability.

In the end, the Truth always wins. The [Deep State] is panicking and they will trying everything and anything in the end. But the patriots know the plan. Countermeasures are in place. More from the X22 Report.

We Are Fighting For Good

California, Arizona, Ohio…they’re all falling apart! Here’s how the mainstream media lies when covering Russia vs. Ukraine. Long, covered-up truth emerge on Saturday Night Live as Woody Harrelson reveals deceptions about Covid-19. Broad exposure is happening at a faster pace. Pray. More from And We Know.

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