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Beck Rattles The Woke Left

When the cancel culture wielded its ugly censorship hammer on Dr. Seuss, labeling his children’s books as racist, it got Glenn Beck to thinking about what’s really going on.  No one, he says, has ever been offended or is in therapy after reading and purchasing millions of these books for decades. “I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘It started with the Dr. Seuss books.’ It’s the same people today that are telling us what to say, what’s offensive and what’s not.”

So Beck took it  upon himself to bring us his whimsical version of Dr. Seuss. This tale, minus the Whos or green eggs, is about FDR and is probably something that will rattle the woke Left.

How To Drain The Swamp

How exactly do you go about draining The Swamp? First off, says Liz Wheeler, you can’t successfully drain The Swamp, unless you know where it came from.

The former One America News anchor defines The Swamp, or Deep State, as the Administrative State, composed of government employees and officials in agencies of the Executive Branch of federal government, who are not elected, not appointed, have no accountability to voters, are nearly impossible to fire, yet have the power to impose rules and regulations on we the people.

So how did the Deep State get so entrenched in our government? Short answer: Blame the progressives. They attacked our constitutional government’s enshrined view of limited government, beginning with President Woodrow Wilson and his radical ideas, followed by FDR’s  progressive New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, all which damaged the separation of powers envisioned by our founding fathers and empowered Swamp creatures to rule behind the backs of our elected officials.

Wheeler says firing these leaches won’t solve the problem and neither will one President. The answer to fixing the fundamental problem requires the Legislative Branch to stop delegating power to executive agencies and for the judiciary to reject the Administrative State on a Constitutional basis. Problem is, members of Congress–both Democrats and Republicans–don’t want to drain The Swamp. Here’s more with Wheeler.

Did FDR End the Depression?

President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal has long been credited with rescuing the nation from the Great Depression of the 1930s. Lee Ohanian, an economics professor at UCLA, challenges this conventional wisdom in a provocative examination of FDR’s economic policies. H/T PragerU

How FDR Got Nominated

Dick Morris rolls back the calendar to the year 1932 and goes behind the scenes to re-create the dramatic deal-making that helped Franklin Delano Roosevelt to nail down his first presidential nomination from the Democratic National Convention. Other protagonists in this scenario include Al Smith, a longtime FDR ally turned arch-foe; media kingmaker William Randolph Hearst and John Nance Garner, a lanky Texan statesman who famously declared that the office of vice president was “not worth a bucket of warm piss.”

Freedom’s Forge

Dick Morris travels back in time to World War II and traces how the United States built the world’s most formidable military-industrial machine within a span of a few years. With the encouragement of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the miraculous feat was accomplished by a capitalist czar handpicked from the automotive industry, William Signius Knudsen, who applied free market principles to spur increased production.

Morris cites a book called Freedom’s Forge by Arthur Herman that analyzes how the Danish-born Knudsen could so quickly achieve such a dramatic turnaround. Now, if only today’s Democrats could remember their own party’s past triumphs, instead of smearing those entrepreneurs trying to build businesses in the current, tough economic climate. H/T Capitalist Preservation

The Same Old Deal

Why has the Obama Administration’s stimulus sputtered and the economic recovery ground to a halt? Reason.TV’s Michael C. Moynihan talks to UCLA economist Lee Ohanian who says the failures are easy to explain: President Obama has attempted to construct a new New Deal, disregarding the fact that the original New Deal was a bust that might have actually prolonged the Great Depression by seven years.

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