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Fallen Angels

Strange how Facebook is now pushing to change its name to Meta — the Hebrew word for “the dead.” So is Facebook now the Book of the Dead? Hugo Talks probes the semantics and comes up with some eye-opening findings.

Especially fascinating: The reversal of “Meta,” or Atem. That’s the original Egyptian sun god, before Ra. Often, Atem is associated with blue lotus flowers, which are appearing in many settings lately. Watch and learn.

Lab-Grown Blood

Scientists in the United Kingdom now testing lab-grown blood injected into the arteries and veins of humans in clinical trials. More from Hugo Talks.

Elon Musk Baphomet Costume

Some people on the right hold forth Elon Musk as a savior who will turn out the censor-mongering lefties. But if so, why did Musk show up at a Halloween party wearing a Baphomet costume? And why bring his mummy along? Hasn’t he grown up yet? More from Hugo Talks.

Exit, Stage Left

Liz Truss resigns as Great Britain’s Prime Minister after only 44 days in office. More from Hugo Talks.

Turbo Charge Your Discernment

Most of us recognize Russell Brand and Andrew Tate as shills working to distract us. But are Kanye West and Candace Owens cut from the same cloth? That’s the opinion of Hugo Talks, and he explains his position here.

A Strong Delusion #NASA

NASA, the American space agency, now claims it has destroyed an asteroid nearly seven million miles from Earth. Was the asteroid headed on a collision course with us?

Not at all. But NASA spent more than $325 million to render the asteroid mute, sending a spacecraft crashing into the wandering orb. Here, Hugo Talks ponders this far-away showdown, while recalling a British puppet show he enjoyed as a child, The Clankers, about a pack of mice, shrews and voles that lived out their lives in outer space.

Fingerprint Scans For Toilets

A school in Australia has introduced a new system where you have to scan your fingerprints to use the toilets. The authorities in charge say this is to cut down on vandalism. But Hugo Talks says the schools are simply turning into prisons, and pushing every scam imaginable to track and control students. The best approach for parents to take: Remove your children from these hell holes.


Ireland’s Pronoun Court Case

Hugo Talks delves into a pronoun court case in Ireland, and finds it involves a family of evangelical Christians who have appeared repeatedly in the fake news. What’s going on with this family? Are they real or simply being used as the fake news ramps up its war against Christianity.

NASA Disney Moon Launch

Today, NASA sends a rocket named Artemis to circle the moon. Some 50 years have passed since the supposed moon landing. Why send a rocket out now that isn’t even scheduled to land on the moon, but just orbit around it — like the cow jumping over the moon? Makes you wonder if this is going to be a bunch of CGI or the real deal. More from Hugo Talks.

Nvidia: Creating A Fake World

Nvidia, one of the largest Internet companies, is fully immersed in creating a counterfeit world. Nvidia comes from the Latin word for “envy” and the Nvidia logo reflects that: A shattered eye against a green backdrop. Here, Hugo Talks explores the fake realm this outfit hopes to conjure up.


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