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It’s OK to Smirk

Here’s what really happened in Washington, DC. Quick: Someone should tell Nathan Phillips, the “Native” activist, that it’s still OK to smirk in America. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Truth Factory dives in with a much deeper and more honest report on the incident than you’ll ever get from the lying Leftist media. Needless to say, the mainstream media has turned the story into their latest example of fake news. Hope every one of the culprits — starting with the bastards at CNN, Salon and BuzzFeed — gets sued up the wazoo by these children and their families.

Here’s another Internet ode to America’s MAGA hero. From TrollasaurusRX.

Tucker Carlson’s report focuses on the Leftist maggots trying to stir up hatred and violence on social media. We’re especially eager to see Jack Morissey of Disney punished. He served as a producer for Beauty and the Beast. How dare he show MAGA kids being crammed into a wood chipper, their blood spewing out all over. Morissey, you’re nothing but a moron and a degenerate. Fie on you, creep.

Finally, let’s take a look at Nathan Phillips, who served in the military under the name of Nathan Stanard. Yes, he was a Marine, but he never did serve in the Vietnam War. He remained strictly stateside, repairing refrigerators. His years of service included a couple of AWOLs, suggesting he had disciplinary problems. He was discharged as a private. More from Buds131.

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