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How About A Game Of Chess

Trump and the patriots have put everything into motion. The plan has been going on behind the scenes and Trump is now waiting for the right moment to strike. There are two triggers as of right now, the first Durham the second is the elections and [Nancy Pelosi]. Once the [Deep State] makes the first shot, this might be the shot heard around the world. Trump has been holding the election fraud evidence for the right moment. That moment is approaching quickly. The patriots have known the plan from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Devolution: Only Way Forward

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing exactly what the patriots want. The people must see it all and the optics of Trump not being involved is very important. The military will be used in the end but not the way people think or believe. The military will keep the US operational while the civilian government is incapacitated. The National Guard and the Marines will work together. Trump planned this from the beginning. The Deep State sends more messages. The panic button is pushed and it’s time to go back to the beginning and move forward again. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we examine the creeping authoritarianism infecting DC and the effects of the Dem’s plans. New video of the DC bomber, new evidence of election destruction and Chinese involvement in 2020. The Florida Attorney General announces she is suing the Biden admin. Are they grooming Kamala to become 47 very soon? More from RedPill78.


Trump dumps Rinos! Gamestonk again! Disney CEO stepping down! Fake news layoffs! More from Jordan Sather on Accordin’ To Jordan.

Dogs are loyal. Politicians not so much. Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Seuss and Satanic demons share the spotlight in the latest edition of And We Know.

The upcoming Kamala Harris takeover. The $1.9 trillion Covid scam. Big Tech coverups. More from JustInformed Talk.


Underground War In Progress

Here is an update on DUMBs — otherwise known as Deep Underground Military Bases. The public knows about a few of these bases, for instance, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs in Colorado.

But there are many of these dark sites around the nation, bases that have gone undetected and unknown to the public. Some are small and compact, while others as large as cities, full of subterranean shafts and underground chambers.

In the worst of these bases, trafficked children have been kept and tortured, not only subjected to sexual abuse but often killed, even eaten by fiends. Now, the U.S. Marines and Army have been “cleaning out” these operations, spending more than $500 million to venture underground to destroy the DUMBs, rescue any captive children and return the rule of law across America.

Here’s a an update on these bases, and new units like the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, along with Gene Decode and Rick Rene from B2T, or Blessed To Teach.

Here is a documentary describing the DUMBs program with an extensive interview with Linda Moulton Howe. She is an Albuquerque-based investigative journalist, well known for her research into cattle mutilations, conspiracy theories, UFOs and the DUMBs, including Dulce in New Mexico.

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In the modern battlefield, troops might have to fight an enemy in the vast subways and water systems underneath huge cities, or in the pitch-black tunnels guarding the North Korean defensive line. A new U.S. Army program aims to get them ready. From the Military Times.

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Who Is Smedley Butler?

Have you heard of Major General Smedley Butler? If not, you might want to ask yourself why that is. As one of the most highly decorated Marines in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps and as a passionate and eloquent speaker about the racket that is war, Smedley Butler deserves to be a household name. Find out more in today’s edition of The Corbett Report with James Corbett.

Cardinal Sins

What’s the rationale behind the Vatican’s raids against its Financial Information Authority (AIF) over real estate transactions in London? In Pursuit of Truth wades into the scandal. We say wades because the Vatican, as usual, has remained tight-lipped about its operation. So all that can be gleaned involves sifting tea leaves and attempting to draw the appropriate responses.

Here, In Pursuit of Truth concentrates on Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, the current archbishop of New York. Did he shift around millions of dollars so the money would be inaccessible to victims of priests who committed sexual abuse? Inquiring minds want to know.

The [Deep State] is hitting major roadblocks, their plan has fallen apart. The impeachment process is now being held in secretly in a SCIF and they are telling the people they are sending out subpoenas when all they are sending are letters. Trump just withdrew the troops from Syria, the [DS] is now exposed. Sum of all fears. Panic from the neocons, panic from the [DS], Pain is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Juan O’Savin rejoins Linda Paris in the latest edition of McAllister TV, focusing on what it’s going to take to rebuild America. They talk of patriots who have tuned out and turned away, but now will need to help redirect the country down a better path for the future.  This means ending the tyranny of the New World Order, the United Nations, the Liberals who have run Hollywood and academia. The Marine deployment is touched upon here, the MAGA build-buzz!


It’s OK to Smirk

Here’s what really happened in Washington, DC. Quick: Someone should tell Nathan Phillips, the “Native” activist, that it’s still OK to smirk in America. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Truth Factory dives in with a much deeper and more honest report on the incident than you’ll ever get from the lying Leftist media. Needless to say, the mainstream media has turned the story into their latest example of fake news. Hope every one of the culprits — starting with the bastards at CNN, Salon and BuzzFeed — gets sued up the wazoo by these children and their families.

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Here’s another Internet ode to America’s MAGA hero. From TrollasaurusRX.

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Tucker Carlson’s report focuses on the Leftist maggots trying to stir up hatred and violence on social media. We’re especially eager to see Jack Morissey of Disney punished. He served as a producer for Beauty and the Beast. How dare he show MAGA kids being crammed into a wood chipper, their blood spewing out all over. Morissey, you’re nothing but a moron and a degenerate. Fie on you, creep.

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Finally, let’s take a look at Nathan Phillips, who served in the military under the name of Nathan Stanard. Yes, he was a Marine, but he never did serve in the Vietnam War. He remained strictly stateside, repairing refrigerators. His years of service included a couple of AWOLs, suggesting he had disciplinary problems. He was discharged as a private. More from Buds131.

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How Obama Pussified America

Adam Carolla and R. Lee Ermey talk about how easy it would be to take down ISIS if we would listen to our Generals. Ermey shares his thoughts on how useless NATO is and the damage Obama’s administration has been to the United States military entirely. Ermey is a rarity — an actor who’s also a conservative. He’s probably best remembered for his role in the Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video is no longer posted on YouTube. In its absence, we showcase this farewell salute to Lee Ermey from his fellow Marines.)

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Sergeant’s Video Goes Viral

Sean Hannity interviews a retired U.S. Marine who works as a private security contractor. He took to Facebook to warn of the dangers Americans still face in Iraq. Steven Gern’s video, which was posted from Iraq and has been viewed more than 45 million times, came just a few days after President Trump’s executive order triggered massive protests at U.S. airports.

Trump’s orders involved restricting access to the United States for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, said the aides and experts, who asked not to be identified. The restrictions on refugees are likely to include a multi-month ban on admissions from all countries until the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security can make the vetting process more rigorous. More from Fox News.

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Who Decides How You Die?

You may have the right to control your own life, but what about your own death? This is a question facing several states across the United States, including, most recently, Vermont and Montana. While physician aid-in-dying, or assisted suicide, has been legal in Oregon for almost two decades and legal in Washington for almost five years, other states have proved resistant to the idea. Reason.TV was on the scene as this legal and moral battle played out in a somewhat surprising place: Montana, where conservative Republicans dominate local politics.

“We have a certain tradition here, going back to frontier days, of saying there are certain areas the government ought to stay out of,” says Robert Connell, a Montana attorney who argued in the state’s landmark Supreme Court case, Baxter v. Montana. Connell’s client, U.S. Marine veteran and retired trucker Robert Baxter, suffered from a terminal illness called lymphocytic leukemia and wanted the ability to take medication that would hasten his death and end his suffering. He died before Montana’s Supreme Court could even issue the Baxter decision, which recognized a constitutional right to assisted suicide for all Montanans.

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Thinking Man’s John Wayne

Comedian Jon Stewart once called Harry Truman a war criminal for ordering the atomic bombings of Japan during World War II, although Stewart later recanted his “stupid” remark after it elicited a firestorm of criticism. Today, on the 67th anniversary of Little Boy being dropped on Hiroshima, some more seasoned and veteran perspective on that historic event is offered by Jack H. McCall Jr., author of two companion histories of WWII. McCall says many of the soldiers fighting in the Pacific Theater kissed the ground upon hearing of Truman’s decision, knowing he had averted the deaths of more than one million GIs who likely would have been killed if a ground invasion of Japan had taken place.

One of McCall’s books examines the war through the perspective of Professor Christopher Donner, who McCall bills as “the thinking man’s John Wayne,” a trained historian fluent in multiple languages who nevertheless volunteered for the US Marines, serving in the fierce battles on Okinawa. Among Donner’s recollections: His fateful encounter with US Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., the son of a Kentucky governor and the highest-ranking US officer killed in combat during WWII.

McCall shares anecdotes from his books with Glenn Reynolds on PJTV’s InstaVision.

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