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How To Homeschool

Stefan Molyneux addresses a topic many families are now considering: How do you home school your children?

New studies out of France show hydroxychloroquine cured 20 out out 20 coronavirus patients. Hydroxychloroquine is an old drug, used for malaria treatment and prevention. Twenty is a small number of patients, but the 100 percent cure rate indicates this coronavirus could be licked soon, or at least substantially curbed.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump singled out hydroxychloroquine as a possible cure, and authorized the FDA to approve use of that drug against coronavirus. We will know soon if it is reliable or not. More from Bill Still.

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There is a story circulating in social media that 4 decades ago a mystery writer named Dean Koontz predicted that a global plague called Wuhan-400 would be used as a bio-weapon in the year 2020.

Is the story true? I’ve got a copy of the book. Let’s read it together and separate the truth from fiction! #coronavirus! #Covid19. More from Jake Morphonios.

As the number of coronavirus cases around the world has surpassed 200,000, it’s becoming much harder to protect any nation or region from the pandemic. Progress in one locale can be undercut swiftly by a reintroduction of the disease from another nation. The places with the best likelihood of sustaining isolation: Island nations like Australia or New Zealand. China has begun expelling journalists to cover up its coronavirus situation. CNN has actually praised President Donald Trump for his handling of the disease. Surprise, hell has frozen over! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

The more we learn about the coronavirus, the more nefarious it becomes. Most public efforts to are focused on detecting those with symptoms, like a fever. But new research shows that the majority of covid-19 carriers (50%-75%) are asymptomatic. So you’re much more likely to get infected by someone who looks and feels fine.

To date it looked like only the elderly and immuno-compromised were at risk of serious complications. Well, that assumption is changing. European doctors are reporting a concerning number of younger, healthy people getting sick, too.

Similarly, it was assumed that the virus didn’t thrive in heat and humidity. Hopes in the northern hemisphere have been pinned on the nearing arrival of Spring. Well, new data shows that this may be false hope. And as government response plans become clearer, the math shows that most of them will be too insufficient to “Flatten The Curve” much and prevent national health care systems from being overwhelmed.

Combined, most of what we’re learning now reinforces the conclusion that many, many people will become infected; the virus will be with us a long time; and the economic legacy will be massive and painful. More from Chris Martenson.

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