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Has The Final Nail Dropped?

The United States economy is reeling from the twin effects of the two massive shutdowns we’ve seen this spring. One involved the prolonged stay-at-home orders after Covid-19 or the coronavirus reached our shores. Now, on top of that, we have massive protests in major cities all across America, protests that have turned ugly and violent, and led once again to shutdowns.

With close to 40 million people now out of work, how will the economy come roaring back? Who orchestrated these shutdowns — foreign enemies like the Chinese or the Turks? Or domestic enemies like Antifa and the CIA? Here, Lisa Haven discusses what’s at stake. She talks with an insider who issues an ominous warning how it’s all about to go down.

You already know what comes next. Really Graceful is living life dangerously — she’s watching the news!

Are they prepared for us? In this latest edition, JustInformed Talk looks at the latest Q posts as the White House prepared for this weekend’s protests. The mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, went out of her way to get the National Guard withdrawn from the Capitol. President Trump took steps, though, to protect the White House from the assembled throng of Leftist anarchists and troublemakers. Also, a major figure in the Catholic Church has written to President Trump, calling out the Deep State.



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