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Pope Francis Resigning?

Rick Rene, host of Blessed To Teach, says news is swirling around Vatican City that Pope Francis is preparing to resign. He also reports there is more evidence that military tribunals are now active, including the latest prophecy from Julie Green. He explains further.

Leftists Become Theologians

You may think an archbishop knows what’s good for his flock- but did you remember to check with your local Twitter atheist? More from FreedomToons.


Pelosi Denied Communion

How dare they follow their own rules. More from FreedomToons.

Knights Of The Lion

The Knights Templar were a religious order of knighthood established at the time of the Crusades that grew in wealth and power through banking and military conquest. Eventually destroyed by King Philip IV of France, the order allegedly introduced esoteric knowledge from the Middle East into Europe considered blasphemous by the Church.

During the Renaissance, these guarded alchemical secrets were symbolically encoded into various forms of literature by certain occult secret societies. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.


Mary Magdalene In Full

Robert Sepehr, the world’s most dangerous anthropologist,  examines the life and spirituality of Mary Magdalene, revered as one of the closest disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. But she also embodies many traditions from ancient religions, spanning the continents. Here, Sepehr explores these strands from ancient Sumer, Babylon and Egypt, while also touching upon Tantric traditions from Eastern Asia. His full original for this video is Ancient Goddess of Above And Below.



Canada’s Mass Graves

The discovery of “mass graves” at residential Indian Schools run by the Catholic Church across Canada has sparked a lot of outrage and grief over recent weeks. But what’s the truth about these sites? Was genocide being practiced, or was life simply far more difficult and different a hundred years ago or so? Here, Press for Truth says to be cautious about these reports, especially when those spreading the news are amplifying a broader war on Christianity.

Secret Finance And The UFO File

Please join us for Part 3 of a Special Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell on the mysterious story of the Hundred Billion Dollar Bearer Bonds that exposed a secret system of finance that the deep state has used since the end of World War II to manipulate global events! They also explore the enigma of the UFO file and its influence on Government secrecy and the Mystery School predictions of Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner on Earth Changes for the 21st century. More from the Dark Journalist.


Pope Francis To Resign?

In Pursuit Of Truth issued a short Two Minutes of Truth video, citing unnamed sources who claim Pope Francis will soon resign. A specific date was not given, but IPOT says to keep an eye out for a resignation soon after Christmas. This comes following a series of escalating real estate scandals, first involving properties in London and more recently supposed charitable endeavors in Australia.

Boy Scouts Must Be Destroyed

Nearly a staggering 90,000 sexual assault allegations against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have surfaced before the deadline to come forward. The cases span generations, from as young at 9 years old to 95, and the number of victims have even surpassed those filing claims against the Roman Catholic Church. BSA filed for bankruptcy protection before the claims were filed.

The revelation has elicited rage from political commentator Zack Leary, host of The Last Outlaws. “First of all,” he says, “there should be no bankruptcy protection. I don’t care if you value tradition and you think the Boys Scouts are a great thing. Ninety-thousand people have already spoken up regarding their experiences with the Boy Scouts. So the Boy Scouts, in my view, must be dissolved immediately.” Here’s more of Leary’s rant on The Last Outlaws.

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Evil Knocking At Church Doors

The faux racial justice movement in America, flamed by radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, is shockingly infiltrating our churches. Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck says he was stunned after receiving an emotional letter of frustration from a Roman Catholic friend after he experienced an appalling moment at Sunday morning Mass.

During the service at the Church of Saint Francis Xavier in New York City, the minister invited the congregation to stand with him and repeat biased statements about racial equality, white privilege and police brutality. The church also alerted those attending the service that it provides a website of articles to learn more about topics advocating for defunding police, fighting white privilege and more.

Beck argues that this is proof our churches are in danger and that evil is not only knocking on their doors, it’s also inside the walls, too. “If you are a believer in God, whatever your practice is, there is no time to think, ‘I should prepare.’ If you remain silent, you are complicit,” he says. Here more with Beck.

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