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The People See The Truth

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media’s worst nightmare is coming true. The silent majority is now becoming united. The country will soon see that the country is actually united not divided. What we are witnessing now is the country going through withdrawal from the [Deep State]. Does this mean that they are finished pushing events? No, but as they push more and more of these events, the people see the truth. More from the X22 Report.

Finally! The Hunter-Burisma investigatio  is now in full swing. In addition, what are President Donald Trump’s Chaz plans? Black Conservative Patriot also gets into: the calls to defund the cops, Richard Grenell and vote fraud.

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What in the world is China doing now? In this video, we break down major geopolitical developments that put the world on the brink of a much larger conflict. More from We Are Change.

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As the mainstream media continues to push division and violence, how long before the powder keg really heats up? Now, we have CNN releasing a list of sculptures to be torn down and street names to be replaced. Are they running a news network or broadcasting for a Leftist uprising? Despicable ethics. Donald Trump Jr. will be having his father, President Donald Trump, on his podcast this Thursday. Should Don Jr. pop the big question: The Q riddle? More from TRUreporting.

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