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Trump In Complete Control

The art of the deal is alive and well in the White House. While the corrupt and Left-leaning mainstream media are up to their old tricks, blaming Republicans for the delay of the coronavirus relief bill, President Trump has brilliantly backed the Democrats into the proverbial corner. In other words, the President’s relief bill isn’t what you think it is.

Rest assured the President is in complete control. When he signed the bill earlier in the week, he did so to avoid a government shutdown, but also added provisions to cleanse it of wasteful spending and forcing Congress to address voter fraud, remove pork (such as sending money to Pakistan for gender programs) and to amend Section 230, a law that shields internet companies from liabilities. In addition, Trump has invoked The Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which gives him 45 days after signing the legislation to tweak it as he sees fit. If these provisions are met, only then will he agree to the $2,000 stimulus relief checks for Americans.

Says Riss Flex, “By signing this bill, President Trump is utilizing the art of the deal to give Congress another opportunity to do the right thing.” Here’s more with Flex, who also gives us an update on Chinese Communist Party news.


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