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Juan O. Savin: Spy Rings & Intel

Juan O. Savin tells the David Rodriguez podcast there’s no secret rapture coming. He says in order to correct what’s going on in America and the world, there’s very little that’s going to be done behind the scenes.

“The attack on America was literally done primarily by spy rings, by intel operatives on numerous levels,” Savin says. He explains further, plus engages in a Q&A session with Rodriguez, including how President Nixon surprisingly mentored a young Donald J. Trump on what to expect from the bad guys should he enter politics. In an awkward, and telling, moment, Savin passes on answering Question No. 8 from Rodriguez: “Is JFK Jr. alive and is he behind that letter in the alphabet (Q)?”

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4 thoughts on “Juan O. Savin: Spy Rings & Intel

  1. Why do we always have to look at Juan O Savins feet…we already know what he looks like..he can be long winded so I don’t listen like I used to.

  2. Yes, he is alive. I do believe it. Q is intel and Jr is part of it. He gas been involved for a long time..

  3. This is for Juan…you sure changed your tune since last year. I don’t know if I agree with you all the time as you seem controlled opposition…if you take home away from people, you take our future away. Don’t forget this, if enough people believes one thing you can create it…

    • Kudos for your comments. Home indeed is where the heart and passion is. Many believers present a good case that JFK Jr. is still with us, while others tend to stretch the truth. Anyway, we’ll all find out soon enough. Although Juanito revealed his identity a few months ago, exposing only his legs and boots have become his signature style for podcasts and you gotta believe they add to the intrigue of his commentary.

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