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Decoding Trump

Tom Sidney Bushnell, tarot reader Janine Morigeau and Writesde Blonde’s Rachel revisit President Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement speech for a deep decode and some interesting revelations.

Bushnell, aka Tom Numbers, says several Trump comments, including his claim that there were no world wars during his administration “for decades,” made him ponder whether this was the real president, or possibly President John F. Kennedy or JFK Jr. The trio also analyzes Trump’s unusual gulps from a water bottle, which had never before been seen in any of his previous speeches. Was this another interpretation of the Q post: “Watch the water?” or a direct message to the Deep State?

Morigeau defers to her tarot cards for some stunning answers on these questions, plus much more.


JFK Jr.’s Secret! Mason Signals!

Sherman Skolnick! JFK Jr’s Secret! FBI Files on JFK Jr. Crash! Crash anomalies! Bill Clinton assassinated flag officers in coup to have him impeached! Slick Willy sold secrets to the Red Chinese! Ken Starr’s Red Chinese client list! Benghazi sacrifice! Al Gore assassination attempt! Vince Foster was killed at the White House and dumped in the park! Free Mason hand signals! More from McAllister TV.

Two Presidents Running U.S.

Project Camelot TV’s Kerry Cassidy says our country has reached a disturbing point of no return. “We’re sitting on a rotten foundation,” she says.

Cassidy says the nation is basically being run by two presidents–President Trump, who is Commander in Chief, and the New World Order, fronted by their band of puppets. She says a give-and-take is imminent in negotiations between the two sides to keep the peace, to avoid civil war. She gives an extensive take on the tussle (beginning at the :48:45 mark of the video), explains the high-level strategy and eventual consequences on the looming 2022 midterms and reveals the real reason behind Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, plus much more intel.

Earth Is Their Slaughterhouse

Intel, Part 2! Deciphering the Trump rally in Anchorage, Alaska! Trump, Diana, JFK Jr. and wife! Everyone humanity thinks is alive are dead. And everyone humanity thinks are dead are alive! Free energy waiting in the wings! Plasma holographs! Oval, disk-shaped Earth! North, if you fly into the north pole, you’ll come out in Antarctica and vice versa! Earth is their slaughterhouse! More from McAllister TV.

Juan O. Savin: Spy Rings & Intel

Juan O. Savin tells the David Rodriguez podcast there’s no secret rapture coming. He says in order to correct what’s going on in America and the world, there’s very little that’s going to be done behind the scenes.

“The attack on America was literally done primarily by spy rings, by intel operatives on numerous levels,” Savin says. He explains further, plus engages in a Q&A session with Rodriguez, including how President Nixon surprisingly mentored a young Donald J. Trump on what to expect from the bad guys should he enter politics. In an awkward, and telling, moment, Savin passes on answering Question No. 8 from Rodriguez: “Is JFK Jr. alive and is he behind that letter in the alphabet (Q)?”

CPN: Truth About JFK Jr.

Christian Patriot News (CPN) has had enough and its not going to take it anymore! The Christian alternative blog host lowers the boom on what he calls the truth about JFK Jr., military tribunals, clones and Gitmo. He zeroes in on the one-year delta Q drop, which references post 4885. The message is bluntly stated: JFK Jr. is Not Alive. “It can’t be anymore obvious,” he says.

CPN also shows how Q followed the post by providing articles that demonstrate how Big Media, Big Tech and Big Corp are using fake news to distract and discredit the white hat movement. CPN blames alternative media outlets with bad information and lack of sources. In the following video, the CPN host goes after some of these sites, while opining on whom he says are credible channels and outlets. As always, we ask that you do your own research and judge for yourself.

The Muddled JFK Jr. Mystery

There’s a lingering conspiracy theory based on a series of events that has led millions of people to believe that a Pennsylvania man named Vincent Fusca has been undercover as John F. Kennedy Jr. It’s a fact that the Kennedy family and President Trump were close friends and Fusca’s presence at a number of Trump rallies and events on the East Coast, especially in Pennsylvania, has spiked the speculation regarding JFK Jr.

Kennedy Jr. appeared to have a tragic ending to his life when an aircraft he was piloting suddenly plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off Martha’s Vineyard, killing him, his wife and sister-in-law. The theory holds that JFK Jr. faked his death and went into hiding, because he feared for his life. After his father, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1963, it’s been documented that Junior’s life was threatened on three separate occasions, the first when he was age 9 in 1972. Eight Greek men were arrested after conspiring to commit robberies and abductions of government officials, including the younger Kennedy, for ransom. Two more abduction threats were foiled in 1985 and 1995.

Ironically, in 2017, President Trump released most of the highly sensitive John F. Kennedy files, regarding the assassination investigation, however, a good portion of information deemed harmful to the public interest is still being withheld. Nearly a week after the release, the world heralded the birth of Q Anon and the first Q drops, which among other matters, detailed the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton. Is this another clue that JFK Jr. is still among the living?

So that further begs the question: Was there a connection between Hillary and the Kennedys? After all, Junior was seriously considering running against Hillary in the 1999 New York Senate race. Says investigative reporter Riss Flex, “Could Hillary Clinton have played a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Could she have played a role in attempting to assassinate John F. Kennedy Jr.? I think she was definitely involved. After all, Q posts a lot of info on JFK and JFK Jr.”

Which brings us back to Pennsylvania and Vincent Fusca. Is he really JFK Jr.? While attending a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania, Flex met and spoke with Fusca. After studying several of his physical characteristics, she came to the conclusion that this man looked nothing like JFK Jr. Although many believers feel this is how Junior aged, the theory speculates that his face was altered using reconstructive surgery or molded latex body parts to keep himself in disguise.

So is the conspiracy theory a viable one? You be the judge. Here’s more with Flex.

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Is JFK Jr. Alive? Is He ‘Q’?

The questions surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. continue almost 20 years after his private plane vanished on its way to Martha’s Vineyard. Why were there no autopsy photos allowed? Why were the alleged recovered bodies buried at sea by the navy? Did JFK Jr. fake his own death?

Is he alive and living in disguise as a Trump supporter named Vincent Fusca, who has been seen at many of Trump’s rallies? Is JFK Jr. the infamous “Q”, helping the president through cryptic messages to take down the Deep State, whose goal is to overthrow our constitutionally limited republic? In a special, two-part report, David Zublick unlocks the mystery of JFK Jr.


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