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Nordics And UFO Disclosure

There has been a lot of speculation regarding alleged advanced anti-gravitic technology following World War II, with some claiming the establishment of a secret space program based on these technological breakthroughs. A number of German scientists were said to have been incorporated by the US through Operation Paperclip, with a segment that may have escaped, according to some accounts of the events surrounding Operation High Jump in Antarctica. Here, Robert Sepehr explores the next steps — Nordics and UFO Disclosure. Sepehr is an anthropologist and author.

Above Majestic

A look at the origins, history and conspiracies behind the “Majestic 12”, a clandestine group of military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology.

Featuring appearances by Jordan Sather, Corey Goode, Laura Eisenhower and David Wilcock, Above Majestic is a shocking and proactive look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion dollar space program from the public and the implications this would have for humanity.

Lift Off With The Nacht Waffen!

McAllister TV ventures into strange territory — the stories of the Nacht Waffen or Night Secret Service, a band of Nazi scientists and super soldiers who formed a breakaway society after World War II. Rumored to be headquartered in Antarctica, these fighters and scientists used technology lifted from space aliens to design and build craft that would hurl them to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

Here, McAllister examines how this so-called “Dark Fleet” might have operated. The talk uncovers fragments involving Reptilians, clones, MK Ultra and moon bases. We learn of the Nazi General Walter Kruger, commander in the Waffen SS, during World War II.

There’s a lot of material here, some drawn from the recollections of Penny Bradley, who says she was conscripted into this unit. We’ll be returning to explore more on the Nacht Waffen, as well as examining this team’s relationships with the Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, including Wernher Von Braun, brought to work at NASA and other American laboratories and space programs.

Michael Jaco was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He enlisted in the United States Navy in November 1978 and started his career as a Navy Hard Hat Diver. He volunteered for Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea Air and Land (BUD/S) training in August 1981. He completed BUD/S training 6 months later with class 116 in February 1982. Upon leaving the US Navy in December 2002 he has served as a High-Risk Security Contractor.

In this video Michael will be sharing what he recalls about the Secret Space program and what life was like working for the CIA. More from Super Soldier Talk.

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The Satanic Breakaway State

Some $6.5 trillion of the U.S. military’s budget over the last decade and a half has gone missing. Richard Sauder from the website Event Horizon Chronicle suggests that a hefty portion of those missing funds went to build Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs.

Sauder has written several books on this topic, including Underground Bases And Tunnels: What Is The Government Trying To Hide? and Underwater and Underground Bases. Sauder discusses the DUMBs and their involvement in human trafficking as well as a larger Satanic breakaway state attached to these subterranean hellholes.

Here, he talks with the SGTReport about how the DUMBS came to be. The CIA as well as the U.S. military played roles in this nefarious scheme, going back to Operation Paperclip, which brought over to America large teams of Nazi scientists.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: SGTReport originally ran this video in 2016. It has since been censored and disappeared off YouTube, so many of you probably have never heard it. We are running it now because we have been covering the DUMBs quite extensively, and have seen a growing awareness among our readers about these vile quarters.)



Is There A Galactic Federation?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding alleged advanced anti-gravitic technology following WWII, with some claiming the establishment of a secret space program based on these technological breakthroughs. A number of German scientists were said to have been incorporated by the United States through Operation Paperclip, with a segment that may have escaped according to some accounts of the events surrounding Operation Highjump in Antarctica. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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Operation Paperclip: A Nazi Tale

At the end of World War II, the Americans imported more than 1,400 Nazi scientists. It was decided that their knowledge outweighed their crimes, so these chemists, physicists, biologists and aeronautics experts were brought to the United States to lead NASA and conduct groundbreaking research under a secretive program called Operation Paperclip. Here, Joe Rogan interviews Annie Jacobsen, author of a best-selling book called Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America. Here, she discusses this little-known chapter in post WWII history, the cover-ups and espionage involved as well as the moral questions raised.

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Nazi Flying Saucers

Two stunning films show German “flying discs” perfected by the Nazis in WWII. If these films are real — and not forgeries — then it’s clear that reports we have heard through the years of flying saucers might actually just be craft perfected by German scientists, technicians and craftsmen brought to America after the war ended, as part of Operation Paperclip. These films were published on YouTube near the end of May by Jeff Rense. We visit his website periodically to read news reports, mostly by Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, dealing with Pizzagate, Satanists, NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein and related topics. In other words, all the news the news never prints!

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Mars, Germany and the Secret Space Program. While the idea of anti-gravity space flight, or a breakaway German colony on the Moon, or a subterranean UFO base in Antarctica, might all sound like science fiction, what can be said for certain is that they are not new ideas, nor do not seem to be easily explained away. My name is Robert Sepehr, thank you for keeping an open mind.

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If anti-gravity and free energy technology exists, as some have claimed, then why is it being kept secret? Could there really be a breakaway civilization that uses such advanced technology, or a secret space force, as some eyewitnesses have claimed. And if so, how would the government go about disclosing any of this, assuming it actually wanted to?

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Notice Melania Trump’s fashion sense. Seems inspired by flying saucers, don’t you think?


Clones Everywhere You Turn

We know scientists have long done experiments with animal clones. But how often do you wonder they have extended the experiments to human clones?

The Nazis were doing clone research at early as a century ago. What about all the Nazi scientists brought to America after WWII?

Did they change directions or simply continue with their clone research? Nowadays, how many celebrities — whether politicians or Hollywood stars — have clones? Do clones sometimes do tours for famous musicians? McAllisterTV covers the cloning (or twinning) issue in this video, along with more on the Vanderbilts, Maggie and Barry, and sundry other pertinent topics.

Operation Paperclip

Really Graceful offers a quick introduction to Operation Papeclip and the related MK Ultra program spearheaded by the CIA. What was Operation Paperclip?

This was the program whereby the United States grabbed and reassigned a few thousand of the most elite Nazi scientists at the close of WWII. They worked on projects including the MK Ultra mind control experiments, which have direct ties to today’s #pedogate and other secretive CIA ventures the full likes of which still remain largely under wraps.

Probably good for the government this is so because none of these slimy ventures represent America in a positive light. Like so many Nazi endeavors, they are rotten to the core — experimental manipulations of duped human subjects involving sex, drugs and violence. Some of the victims have been children, forced to engage in truly bizarre, manipulative and inexcusable behavior.

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