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Frontier Psychiatrist

The Melbourne, Australia electronic band The Avalanches perform their 2001 hit “Frontier Psychiatrist.” Services rendered for anyone who believes even one-third of what they read in newspapers and magazines.

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An Australian Basket Case

Why has Victoria, Australia, and specifically Melbourne, become a totalitarian basket case? Is this just a test, a rollout of fascism in one province that soon will be enacted across the entire nation once all the bugs have been worked out? Does the increased police patrols and crackdowns on the citizenry reflect the influence of the Communist Chinese? Computing Forever examines the controversy and begins to try to piece together some answers.

Media Stirring Panic

It doesn’t matter that the COVID-19 pandemic curve is flattening in many areas across the planet, the mainstream media’s “sky is falling” mentality continues to dominate the airwaves and headlines. Believe it or not, even uber liberal Bill Maher is chastising the media, says Australian conservative radio and TV commentator Phil Murray.

Appearing on Sky News’ “Paul Murray Live” in Perth, Murray says, “Bill Maher calls this stuff out, because he refers to it as disaster porn. It is 100 percent correct and the bloke is absolutely bang-on here.”

Meanwhile, on the other end of Australia, in Melbourne, veteran journalist Andrew Bolt is echoing Maher’s and Murray’s concerns. “I want you to consider why you’re not hearing any good news from other media outlets, instead you’re hearing panic and fear and doom,” he says. “You’re hearing the alarmism that forces politicians to enforce yet more and more restrictions, so that soon we’re like prisoners in our own homes.” Here’s more from the Create Quantum Wealth Channel.

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The Phony Magabomber

Well they cracked the case in record time and have arrested the MAGABOMBER, the mastermind behind the prop bomb attacks, so the world can breathe a sigh of relief. The globalist criminals who have been targeting the sitting President are all safe now. Liz Crokin joins SGTReport to break it all down. Thanks for tuning Patriots!

And speaking of Cesar Sayoc, here is a raw, unedited outtake from Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9, showing the Megabomber at a Trump rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Feb. 18, 2017, less than a month after the president’s inauguration. Of course, Moore highlighted the most obnoxious and dumb-looking of the “deplorables,” to make Trump’s supporters look more frightening and dumber.

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