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UFO File War Games

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt will go deep and show that Intel Agencies like the CIA and the Media are now promoting the ET shutdown of Nuclear Missiles as a menacing threat. This is part of a high-stakes contest of the National Security State UFO File WarGames…!

Why Fake News Backed Cheney?

Join us for this Special LiveStream as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the Strange connections between the Mar-a-Lago FBI Raid, relating to hidden documents of The UFO File and the murky Continuity of Government (COG) Program.

The current version of COG was set up by Dick Cheney and others in the 1980s and set to be activated with just the Right Emergency Powers gambit (UFO Threat), This further explains the odd embrace by Liberal Media of Cheney’s daughter Liz.


Mar-A-Lago McGuffin

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back to the show for a special deep dive on the FBI Raid on President Trump and the National Archives McGuffin that may lead directly to the UFO File!

This is part 1 of a two-part video. Look for the second part this weekend or early next week.

Just how crazed are the Lefties about hidden secrets that former President Donald Trump might possess or know? Now, some of the Lefties are charging he buried classified documents in the casket of Ivana Trump. They are calling for the casket to be unearthed and the contents exhumed and scoured. More from The Salty Cracker.

UFO File: Emergency Powers

Tonight Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt outlines the Emergency Powers takeover event and how the COG/CIA UFO threat narrative is being set up!

The Eclipse Interview

Gigi Young joins the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a discussion on Mars, Elon Musk, Nazis and the UFO File. They get into Stargate and mystery school concepts as well as how the Greys have started to mix in human DNA to save themselves from extinction. This turns toward a discussion of transhumanism and the obsession with DNA and genetics.

Deep State Blowout!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Alexandra Bruce, from Forbidden Knowledge TV, on topics including: Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Looking Glass time tech, Deep State, Ukraine War, the UFO File and Monarch programming. It’s a Deep State Blowout!

Bruce has had an amazing career — from directing popular music videos for MTV to authoring books on deep, esoteric subjects and UFOs. For the past decade, she’s been publishing a wide range of political and spiritual topics at

Italy’s Secret UFO Files

In 2000, during the annual World UFO Symposium in San Marino, Alfredo Lissoni gave a lecture on the sensational discovery of some new original material, which has been sent to us anonymously on a number of occasions regarding the existence of the so-called “German UFO Files.” This material dealt with a purported flying saucer that had either crashed or landed near Magenta in Lombardy in Italy on April 11th, 1933, some fourteen years before the famous Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash.

This event involved a subsequent investigation by an obscure wartime intelligence unit called “Gabinetto RS/33” (or RS/33 Cabinet ). ‘RS’ is the acronym for Ricerche Speciali or Special Researches, and 33 means 1933. This group had been authorized by Benito Mussolini to study the problem. More from Zohar StarGate.


Dark Journalist All Stars

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt offers an all-star collection of clips from the UFO File. The focus is on the X arrival in a special report featuring interviews with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Gigi Young, John W. Warner IV, Catherine Austin Fitts and more.

The UFO File War, X-Protect

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the real story of UFOs and moves by all covert sides to control the narrative going into 2022. DJ takes us from 1947 through 2021 and into the investigation of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison who in 1967 came directly in contact with X-Protect, a covert intelligence aerospace arm that controls the UFO File, Kenneth Arnold., the pilot who first observed UFOs, and Fred Krisman, a “Boeing Assassin” who had been involved in the first major UFO Case of Maury Island!

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