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How Christians Can Fight Back

Sometimes, the only way forward is backward. For instance, the modern obsession with “my personal truth.” The solution to this destructive force, according to author and podcast host Spencer Klavan, lies in ancient wisdom and the timeless question, “How is that working out for you?”

Spencer joins Glenn Beck to apply his expertise in classic literature and philosophy to the enigmas and culture wars of today, from the hubris of atheism to the rot of academia. And with a Ph.D. from Oxford, he knows a thing or two about academics. He walks Glenn through how the innovations of science have led to the religion of science, which in turn has bred horrors. He explains why he says, “Transgenderism is transhumanism.”

And as a gay man, he responds to the destruction of truth in the name of people like him, including the possibility that Pride Month could be used to paint any dissenters as “Christian nationalists.” Spencer also walks Glenn through the big ideas in his latest book, “How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises.” But, despite it all, there’s room for hope, he says. The decay of society may just be a great opportunity to make civilization better.

Beware The Agents Of Woo Woo

Hugo Talks says a bunch of New Age “woo woo” agents have been following his channel and disrupting the discussions on The Bible by linking everything to chakras, meditations and various other New Age concepts. Don’t follow these phonies. Avoid them like the Plague.

Biden Agency Smears Christians

A new report reveals the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is funding universities to draw connections between Christians and Nazis. The report from the Media Research Center reveals the details.

Leader of the Oath Keepers. Stewart Rhodes. gets sentenced to 18 years for his involvement in January 6th.

Rep. James Comer threatens the FBI with Contempt of Congress and says Christopher Wray has agreed to meet with him as a result.

Where is the January 6th pipe bomber? Congress demands answers from the FBI who revealed they have more details about the bomber’s vehicle.

Here’s  the latest on these news updates from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Target Drag Displays Draw Fire

The Internet has been riddled the past week with images and footage of the new “Pride” area in Target. Conservatives pushed back–and it’s working.

We’ve got to keep it up, and focus on what’s happening to baseball, girls’ sports and the classroom. More from Lori Colley.

Target has begun removing some of the offensive Pride items, especially those “targeting” children. It could well be too late, though. Shares of Target stock are dropping, falling more than $4 Wednesday.

Will these leftist companies ever learn to keep their political persuasions to themselves? We don’t like their politics, nor do we need to shop at any of their outlets. More from The Quartering.

New Christian Movies?

Hollywood is full of tired, old, and not to mention Satanic ideas. Kirk Cameron has some original ideas to inspire, uplift, and encourage family values. Could one of these movie ideas bring about a revival in Hollywood? Probably. Here’s more from The Babylon Bee.

Why Not Buddha?

Why Jesus? Why not follow Buddha, for example? More from Hugo Talks.

The People Of The Lie

Virtue Signalling, performative ‘goodness’ and scapegoating are used by people who refuse to confront their conscience. My thoughts on M Scott Peck’s book “The People of the Lie” (re-upload from March 2021) More from Amazing Polly.

I Changed My Mind About God

In this video, I share how my views on God and religion have changed over time. More from Awaken with JP.

Transformation Of Blac Chyna

The model formerly known as Blac Chyna says she’s turning over a new leaf with the help of God. The reality TV star, now 34, has left the porn hustle on the degrading OnlyFans and become a born-again Christian.

She’s also now going by her real name — Angela White. Here, Natly Denise examines this remarkable transformation.

This Is The New Santa?!

Christians now make up less than half the population in Great Britain and Wales. so now we are seeing the rise of new secular diversity and “inclusivity” groups that are pushing for the abolishment of Christmas as a national holiday. More from Mark Dice.

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