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Operation War Speed

Dustin Nemos knows exactly what’s up. Do you? This is ALIENS, FALLEN ANGELS & OPERATION WAR SEED. Get the truth here. More from the SGT Report.

Trump Not The Anti-Christ

Former President Donald Trump is anti-Christ, but he is not The Antichrist. That’s the conclusion drawn by Hugo Talks.

The Abomination Of Desolation

The Bible makes reference to the Abomination of Desolation? Is that a person? A state of mind? A one-time event linked with the Apocalypse? Here’s more from Hugo Talks.

Do Not Be Deceived

Hugo Talks discusses his personal journey to Christianity and why he believes Jesus is coming back. He sees a major rise in deception. It’s aimed at confusing the public and keeping individuals from accepting Christianity or understanding the Bible. His recommendation: Read the Bible and seek to avoid distractions.

Buy And Sell: What Exactly?

Hugo Talks returns with another look at the Bible and an attempt to understand the Mark of the Beast. He’s been on this topic for awhile now, and says he’s starting to get lots of death threats. Strange how Biblical discussion encourages the Satanists killers!

Moloch (Saturn) Worship

Since antiquity, Moloch has often been portrayed as a bull-headed idol with outstretched hands over a fire, a principal deity of the ancient Levant. The Bible strongly condemns practices which are associated with Moloch, but what do they consist of, why were they done, and what was their origin? Here’s more from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Rapture Ready?

Will there be a rapture? Will Christians be whisked away before non-believers are punished during seven years of tribulations?

Hugo Talks discusses the rapture and finds little evidence of it in The Bible. There are “Christian” channels on YouTube pushing the idea of a rapture, but Hugo Talks believes these channels aren’t citing Scripture, just deliberately deceiving you.


To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It’s our duty to occupy and shine light upon the darkness. More from the Conservative Momma.

Why Globalists Love New Age?

You might have noticed: The New World Order globalists often wear New Age trappings. They go practically gaga over peace, love and meditation. They will even elevate your average faith healer up upon a pedestal.

What’s behind these displays of kindness? Are the World Economic Forum globalists actually that hip? Or do they wear sheep’s clothing to hide the fact they are brutal wolves? In other words, are they actually faithful to the New Age or simply a skilled and well-trained pack of frauds? Hugo Talks gets to the bottom of this sticky wicket.

Beware The Agents Of Woo Woo

Hugo Talks says a bunch of New Age “woo woo” agents have been following his channel and disrupting the discussions on The Bible by linking everything to chakras, meditations and various other New Age concepts. Don’t follow these phonies. Avoid them like the Plague.

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