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Parents of Obama Girls

Who are the real parents of Obama’s daughters? Michelle Obama is a known transsexual, so how did she “give birth” to Malia and Sasha? Could Martin Nesbitt and his wife, Anita Blanchard, be the real parents of Michelle Obama’s “daughters?” The Nesbitts look very similar to the Obama girls and travel with the Obamas everywhere. Here’s some choice conjecture from Barry Soetoro.


Missing Barry Soetoro

Longtime subscribers to this channel might be wondering why we no longer carry the Barry Soetoro videos. These were the funniest and most pointedly satirical videos on all of YouTube. But unfortunately, YouTube has now removed the entire channel and eliminated all of the videos from circulation.

That’s because YouTube under its lame CEO Susan Wojcicki is not at all a voice for freedom, but rather a crude arm of censorship. It is time to begin supporting its competitors and ending the power of Google, which owns and operates YouTube.

In the meantime, here’s a video from another Barry Soetoro fan, Puffy Biggles, lamenting this latest display of YouTube’s arrogance and wondering aloud if Barry Soetoro is even alive today, or whether he has been killed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: He’s back! Yes, Barry Soetoro is alive and well. After all the harassment from the fascists at YouTube, he has been forced to move his channel to Steemit. But he promises to get under the skin of all of the usual cockroaches — Hillary Clinton, Chuckie (Cuckie?) Schumer, the rest of the Democratic deadbeats.  Good to see another video by the one and only Barry Soetoro, or at least, the only Barry Soetoro worth promoting in public!



Catch Michelle’s Beard

Secret Service tries to block Michelle Obama’s beard as she leaves DC SoulCycle gym and jumps in SUV. Michelle’s shocking face stubble and manly look confirm Michelle Obama is transgender — just like Joan Rivers said.

Looking like a man, Michelle Obama exits SoulCycle (on ‘M Street’) then scurries past cameras hiding his face with both hands — almost. We get a clear view of Michelle’s moustache and face stubble as he walks too close to the camera in broad daylight!

Secret Service can’t hide the truth — Michelle Obama is really a man named ‘Michael.’ This is why Obama sometimes gets caught on camera calling his wife ‘Michael.’

Could this be the reason Barack and Michelle (aka Michael) avoid each other since leaving the White House? Because the fake Obama marriage is finally falling apart? More from Barry Soetoro.



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