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Stalin Song

Parody of “Peaches” by Justin Bieber. More from Rucka Rucka Ali.

Let’s Go Brandon

Bryson Gray’s rap song is currently riding the top of the charts, even though YouTube has seen fit to ban it. Gray is joined by Tyson James and Chandler Chump, with their own verses on our sick and mentally impaired, so-called president.

F Biden

Rap artist Burden, who refers to his followers as “The Underdogs,” sings his ode to Joe Biden, the Pederast in Chief of the United States.

Meanwhile, college students at several different schools were recorded chanting in unison “F— Joe Biden,” expressing their distaste for the 46th president and his administration. Newsmax’s John Bachman Now panel reacts.

Anti-Rap Before It Was Cool

Let’s meet a man who called rap problematic before it was cool. More from Ryan Long.

Just Say No

Edmonton, Canada, rapper RC, joined by Chris Sky, perform “Just Say No.”


Speaking of rap, the Free the Patriot Tour opens tonight at the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky. The rappers taking part in the tour include Christians and U.S. military veterans. They are conservatives who have fought Liberal censorship, not only from YouTube, but also from the blighted Satanic music industry. Here, four of those rappers — Topher, Bryson Gray, The Marine Rapper and D. Cure — discuss their work with Diamond and Silk.

Fresh Prez Of D.C.

Joe Biden raps. He’s the Fresh Prez of Smelt Hair! More from Kyle Dunnigan.

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Stand And Fight Back!

The more we learn…the more we stand and fight back! Pray! More from And We Know.

What do you know about DARPA’s covid microchips? Find out more in the latest edition of Accordin’ To Jordan with Jordan Sather.  He also gets into the BLM riots, a TV bombshell from Turkey, and the latest vaccine permutations.

We seldom run trailers for coming attractions. But we’ll make an exception for In Pursuit of Truth — not only because his videos are always so good, but he’s making fewer of them these days — but longer ones — so it’s easier to miss or skip them by accident.

The forthcoming trailer is for a video called Sex, Satan and Babylon’s Boule. IPOT will be delving into the death of DMX and the music industry’s hellward bent.

When? Soon, he promises!



Candace Owens Vs. Cardi B

Cardi B had a mental breakdown after Candace Owens insulted Cardi B and her music, while questioning why Joe Biden would condescend to do an interview with the idiotic rapper. More from Mark Dice.

MAGA Rap Albums On Top

You don’t have to be a Liberal to be a rap artist. Jayne Jay introduces some of the latest MAGA rap stars.

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Did Bernie Break Up Rappers?

Did Bernie Sanders play a role in breaking up the rap band Public Enemy? If so, then Bernie has definitely lost the vote of RazorFist. Of course, the Socialist kook had little chance of snaring the RazorFist vote to begin with!

Didn’t you just love it when Joe Biden couldn’t tell his wife and his sister apart? And what about the Bernie cheerleaders? Looks like they lost their power. More from Magog of Morskar, analyzing the Super Tuesday Donkey Show.

We close with a second RazorFist selection, this one entitled Bernie BTFO’ed On Super Tuesday! Yes, Bernie can keep challenging all the way to the Democratic convention this summer, but it’s probably not going to change or erase his very bad day.

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