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Epstein Island: For Cannibals

FBI Anon (Ask Me Anything)! Trump is a legendary strategist! Putin will release everything they have!  Does Russia have it all?

Q crops…Sheep…Energy! Lost picture of Bohemia Grove! Epstein Island=Red Lobster For Cannibals! Bono is a Vril drone! Judith Barsi murder…Who knows what happened? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

So Is It True?

Barack Obama is riding double with Larry Sinclair when Michelle Obama shows up to stake her claims. Here’s more from The United Spot.

Michelle Obama Is A Man?!?

Michelle Obama is a man and here is scientific proof! Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

The Plan Is On Track

The [DS] is in trouble, because the American people are waking up and, for the first time, they see who the true enemy is.

While eight GOP Presidential candidates debated in prime time on the major networks, President Trump appeared on “Tucker On X” (formerly Twitter) and attracted more than 230 million views. The performance made the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.

The country is coming to his side and, as we proceed through 2024, the events will build just like in 2020. The difference this time around is the patriots are in control in their quest to taking back the country. It was all planned around the 2024 election. More from the X22 Report.

Trump Rising In The Polls!

Former President Donald Trump is showing lots of traction as rising in the opinion polls. Seems the American public rejects the leftists’ four indictments against Trump as little more than a political circus staged by a bunch of buffoons who fear they are on the losing track. They are! We’re going to send those clowns over the precipice.

Not just Joe Biden, either, but any bozo the radical Democrats nominate in his place. Michelle Obama? She’s rancid toast! Gavin Newsom? He’s already made a huge mess out of California. Why would anyone halfway sane turn him loose on our entire country?

Look for increasing exposure in the days and weeks ahead. The information war enters a new stage with heightened battlefronts. Godspeed patriots! Pray! More from And We Know.

Trump’s Zany Inauguration

Politics crawls back into the lighter side of life with an ingenious and zany lip-reading version of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. The video is courtesy of RenaudBe.

Has It Always Been Mike?

How will the mainstream media react when they have to start calling Michelle as Michael? The United Spot bravely ventures where other comic creators dare not go!

Officials Mum On Chef’s Death

Mystery continues to surround the untimely paddle-board drowning of Obama family chef Tafari Campbell on Martha’s Vineyard.

Stew Peters reports that authorities continue to stonewall the media, even refusing basic details about the case, and have been mum on the results of the autopsy, which only revealed there was no outward bruising on Campbell’s body.

Susan Daniels, who spent 30 years as a private investigator and is a self-proclaimed expert on everything Obama, joins “The Stew Peters Show” with some startling facts of her own on the case. She says though the official police report said Campbell died in 8 feet of water just off the shoreline, his body was found 100 feet from shore. And the fact that there is no mention in the autopsy report of water in Campbell’s lungs is highly suspicious.

Daniels says she obtained the Massachusetts Estuary Report, which shows the water depth throughout the Edgar Small Pond, where Campbell drowned. The reports says the water level is 2 feet near the shoreline and even at 100 feet. It doesn’t rise to 8 feet until 300 feet from shore. Was Campbell’s drowning more than an accident? What are the authorities hiding? Here more with Peters and Daniels.


Is There Something To See Here?

Remember when Barack Obama used to warn about rising sea levels? Of course, that was before he purchased a $12 million estate along the beach at Martha’s Vineyard, the posh leftist enclave along the Atlantic Ocean in Massachusetts.

Now, more attention has focused on Obama and his Martha’s Vineyard estate as his personal chef, Tafari Campbell, drowned while supposedly paddleboarding alongside the beach. Was this a random accident or was there something to see here? More from Steve Turley.

Evidence Against Biden Building

The [Deep State] is panicking because the evidence against Biden is building. They will need to remove him soon and it looks like they are preparing to do this.

Obama’s chef was killed while the Obamas were home. Is this a case of wet works before [Michelle Obama] gets ready to run?

The [Deep State] is about indict Trump again. Election interference. They will push war and civil war but the patriots know the playbook. More from the X22 Report.

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