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Twitter In Bed With CCP

Twitter is taking money from the Chinese Communist Party and it’s putting users of the social media company at risk. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell sources an enraging report from Reuters, breaking down how China became big business for Twitter, even though it is banned in the country.

Businesses Fleeing China

Foreign companies are fleeing China at a rapid rate, presumably because of the country’s Covid policies, but is this permanent? China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell takes a closer look at the big names leaving the country and why some are staying.


Did Xi Survive?

Did Xi Jinping survive a recent secret Chinese Communist Party meeting? That’s the question China watchers are asking as Xi tries to cement his rule at next month’s Party Congress.

In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell looks at the secretive CCP retreat at Beidaihe, how state media is portraying Xi  and whether it means he’s going to be “presitator” for life.

Fleeing China

Chris Chappell says Communism has completely failed China to the point where people want out. China’s youth have basically given up and are now leaning toward a “run philosophy” movement to escape. Chappell explains further in this episode of China Uncensored.

CCP Eyeing U.S. Weed Industry

Chris Chappell says China is so intent on dominating the United States in every industry that it is flooding the country with cheap cannabis and criminal networks.

Chappell reports that the Chinese Communist Party actually despises cannabis for its citizens, but is totally cool  with marijuana in other countries, including America. In this episode of China Uncensored, he breaks down why China bans CBD and marijuana with high amounts of THC, but allows it for export. taking full advantage of marijuana legalization in the U.S.

Defending Taiwan

While tensions escalate between China and Taiwan over Nancy Pelosi’s visit, the question remains: Can Taiwan defend itself against a Chinese invasion? China Uncensored’s Shelley Zhang brings us some answers.

CCP Cracks Down On Internet

Chris Chappell says the Chinese Communist Party is obsessed with controlling the media. Every single TV network, radio station and newspaper is censored, he says.

And it’s not ending there. The CCP now has focused its sightson the internet, specifically livestreaming and influencers. Chappell takes a look at what precipitated this action and explains the new code of conduct for livestreaming.

Has China Made Alien Contact?

Chris Chappell reports that China’s Sky Eye satellite, the largest in the world, may have found several cases of technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations outside of Earth.

A prominent Chinese cosmologist cautioned that the signal may have resulted from some kind of radio interference and needs to be confirmed and ruled out. Here’s more on the story from Chappell, plus a look into how the Biden Administration fundamentally doesn’t understand China.

CCP Eyeing Pacific Takeover

The Chinese Communist Party has unfurled its plan to take control of 10 Pacific island nations. China Uncensored’s Matt Gnaizda reports that the CCP is pursuing a Pacific-wide pact with the countries, regarding security, policing and data.

A closer look at the initiate reveals China has its sights focused on the natural resources, the shipping traffic and the potential for military expansion in the area. Here’s more from China Uncensored.

CCP Betrays Xi Jinping

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that factions within the Chinese Communist Party are openly blocking Xi Jinping from cementing his third term in office. Leaks by anonymous Chinese officials to Western media paint an embattled leader losing power. But is he? Here’s more with Chappell.

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