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Death Of The American Empire

It was George Washington who said, “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” In pronouncing that sentiment, America’s Founding Father must have had Joe Biden in mind.

Under Biden, the American Empire is abolishing itself. We are witnessing it crash and burn in real time. Here’s more from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Stock Market Crash Imminent

The Federal Reserve must now force a stock market crash and a recession. This comes after the Fed predicted that inflation would be transitory, but instead, it’s been persistent and turning hyperbolic. Get ready for a jarring disruption. More from ClearValue Tax.

Hands Off The Monkey

School teachers always warned us to keep our hands off the monkey. More from Jamie Dlux.

Hindenburg Explodes, Crashes

McAllister TV launches a new series of weekly videos — mostly scheduled for Saturday nights — that will involve probing into old newspapers and news stories to find hidden wrinkles or angles that were ignored at the time. Opening the series: A fresh look at the Hindenburg disaster, the 803-foot-long German zeppelin that crashed on May 6, 1937, while descending for a landing at Manchester Township in New Jersey. On board were 96 people, of whom 36 died in the crash. McAllister TV asks: Was this an accident or a subversive act? What was the connection between the Hindenburg and Boston Red Sox catcher Moe Berg? Watch and learn.

The [Deep State] is having trouble hiding in darkness when the light is being turned on to expose them. Here, X22 Report explores the realm of Q along with Jordan Sather. Among the key issues covered: How Google tries to pervert and distort the truth. Why does Google go through these manipulations? Because an informed, aware public is damaging to the Deep State.

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Neon Revolt joins SGTReport in a video called The Four Horsemen to share some REAL NEWS about the Deep State, and what’s coming for those who serve the Deep State.  We’re looking forward to seeing these creeps upbraided and exposed. Both the FBI and CIA have become seriously corrupt as they have deviated from their original missions and now seek to exert full control over our democracy. Not happening, bozos!

Fancy Facts About Our Planet

It seems we’ve read or researched just about everything there is to know about our little blue planet. But Danger Dolan is betting there are at least 15 facts that will tickle your innards, such as the twin planet named Theia that crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The planet, about the size of Mars, was eventually absorbed into Earth’s crust. Check 14 more fascinating facts about our home.

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