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Biden’s Brutal Inflation

Brutal inflation numbers reveal the disastrous effects of Biden’s policies. The White House tries to play make-believe while the stock market plunges. Republicans respond and promise more if elected in 2024.

Government Prosecutors respond to Trump’s request for a Special Master with a new memo outlining their objections. Judge Aileen Cannon receives death threats from a woman in Texas. NARA communicates with Congress about outstanding Trump documents.

A reporter reveals there may be a second Hunter Biden laptop out there on CNN. Senator Chuck Grassley says former FBI agent Timothy Thibault must testify in front of Congress. Senator Ron Johnson and Rep. James Comer discuss the FBI. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.


What’s Up When Russia Wins?

Gonzalo Lira peers into the near future to postulate what happens in Europe after the Russian win in Ukraine. Says Lira, “They’re going to wake up and realize they need Russian gas, Russian oil, Russian food.”

He says Europe is going to be in loads of financial and economic trouble and will soon realize the Russians have no intention of invading France orĀ  any other of the European nations. Here’s his analysis.

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