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Juan O. Savin: Return Of Trump

Juan O. Savin posits that the return of Donald J. Trump is imminent–possibly before the 2024 Presidential election–though this is not an opportune time for that to happen.

Appearing on the Ethan Lucas podcast, Savin says (at 1:42:10 of video) that because of the unsettling state of the nation, with its border crisis, debt-ceiling drama and the country tinkering with nuclear war, the White Hats are being overly cautious, managing the timing and being careful not to toss Trump into a situation where the Deep State would blame him if any of these events went awry.

“What they (White Hats) would do then is bring in a military action to where you’ve got a nation-state level captured operation and get it under control,” Savin says. “You wouldn’t let Trump get the blame for it.” Savin goes into more detail, plus explains what’s really going down in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Exposing The Alien Agenda

In this vintage video footage, the late radio personality and author William Cooper, who most certainly had Q-type level clearance, relates his extensive research into extraterrestrials and their threat to Planet Earth.

Believed by many in the field to have exposed the complete alien agenda in 1997, Cooper was called the “most awake person I have run across,” by Before It’s News. In the following feature, he also reveals his knowledge of the truth behind the John F. Kennedy assassination, how George H.W. Bush practiced black magic and was into Satanic rituals, and explains the globalist plan to depopulate the world, which is now a viral topic on social media. Video, courtesy of Chembuster.

Cyber Attacks Shut Down Farms

Patrick Humphrey reports that experts are sounding the alarm for the food supply in the United States and Canada, where massive cyber attacks have already shut down hundreds of farms.

Humphrey emphasizes that not only is our food supply in danger, but the cyber warfare is also certain to take aim on our financial system, and our electrical grid and infrastructure. He explains further.

Juan O. Savin: Crisis Looms

Juan O. Savin says we are experiencing a game of chess on five levels, as well as a game of attrition. In other words, things are beginning to get real for the Democrats.

Savin says perhaps the most explosive level of chess is in the new GOP-controlled House and the looming testimony of whistleblowers, who were repudiated by Democrat Congressional committees regarding potential scandals involving the Hunter Biden tapes, the Jan. 6 Capitol siege tapes, or matters relating to corrupt Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. He brings us more details, plus discusses an interesting order of succession to the presidency should Joe Biden be ousted.

Simon Parkes: Save the Children

Simon Parkes tells host David Mahoney the staggering numbers of disappearing children every year into DUMBs, where there is non-terrestrial entities, is really happening.

Fortunately, Parkes says, 95 percent of the abducted children have been rescued and are going into military families. He brings more details, plus touches on the truth behind what’s really happening on the Moon and Mars, the effects of 5G, what authorities are doing with the stash of gold found in DUMBs beneath the Vatican and an update on the Quantum Financial System.

Decode & Cassidy: ET Presence

Patriot Underground welcomes Gene Decode and Kerry Cassidy for a comprehensive discussion on the alien presence in Ukraine, its Deep State biolabs and experimentation on humans and, of course, its connection to the Khazarian Mafia.

They explore the shocking underground world of Ukraine, including the massive DUMBs housing these creatures, the nine hidden pyramids on the Crimean border and Devil’s Mountain, thought by Ukrainians to be the house of Satan, plus more. Video courtesy of Chembuster.

Globalists Enslaving Humanity

Silicon Valley whistleblower Aman Jabbi tells ZEEE Media that “smart cities” across the globe are actually open concentration camps, designed to control and enslave humanity by the globalist technocratic elite.

Jabbi, an engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for 25 years and a co-inventor of two cellphone camera apps, says the transformation to digital surveillance is basically in place worldwide and is expanding. And, not surprisingly, the United States is leading the pack with more cameras per capita than even China.

Jabbi says that while the unsuspecting public are told the cameras are for security reasons,, they are actually the root of what is a proliferating globalist social-credit system. Here’s more from Maria at ZEEE Media.

White House Theater

Dr. Jane Ruby says she’s uncovered the ploy behind Joe Biden’s Covid scam infection and how the White House is playing out this Marxist takeover all in preparation for the rollout of a digital passport. She also reviews the unvaccinated blood slides of a UK physician and discusses medical prepping for supply chain disruptions and grid manipulation.

Juan O. Savin: The Game Is Up

A fiery Juan O. Savin reminds us that although Satan’s plan is being accelerated, the season of Saturn worshippers is over and the 80.53 percent consensus of awake people will be achieved. The Cabal be warned: the game is up!

“We have a date certain,” Savin says. “Have you figured it out.” Though the video presentation uses gematria and  Savin’s cube equation, as featured in his book Kid By The Side Of The Road, and Q posts for 2021, the numbers, of course, are applicable to any year. Here’s more, courtesy of Chembuster.

Hollywood’s Prince Of Darkness

Walt Disney, aka Hollywood’s Prince of Darkness, has us fooled us for decades. Truth Never Sleeps host Sonny Cardona says that now we are awake and see the truth behind the smiling faces and candy-coated kisses..

In the following video, Cardona exposes Disney’s connection to Satanic cults and the underworld, as well as the Illuminati cartoons on “The Wicked World of Disney.” As always, please discern the material for yourself.

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