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White House Theater

Dr. Jane Ruby says she’s uncovered the ploy behind Joe Biden’s Covid scam infection and how the White House is playing out this Marxist takeover all in preparation for the rollout of a digital passport. She also reviews the unvaccinated blood slides of a UK physician and discusses medical prepping for supply chain disruptions and grid manipulation.

Juan O. Savin: The Game Is Up

A fiery Juan O. Savin reminds us that although Satan’s plan is being accelerated, the season of Saturn worshippers is over and the 80.53 percent consensus of awake people will be achieved. The Cabal be warned: the game is up!

“We have a date certain,” Savin says. “Have you figured it out.” Though the video presentation uses gematria and  Savin’s cube equation, as featured in his book Kid By The Side Of The Road, and Q posts for 2021, the numbers, of course, are applicable to any year. Here’s more, courtesy of Chembuster.

Hollywood’s Prince Of Darkness

Walt Disney, aka Hollywood’s Prince of Darkness, has us fooled us for decades. Truth Never Sleeps host Sonny Cardona says that now we are awake and see the truth behind the smiling faces and candy-coated kisses..

In the following video, Cardona exposes Disney’s connection to Satanic cults and the underworld, as well as the Illuminati cartoons on “The Wicked World of Disney.” As always, please discern the material for yourself.

The Hijacked Political System

Stew Peters welcomes Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers to discuss the importance of voting for America first politicians to clear out the Deep State swamp who are wrapped around the fingers of the globalists.

Says Peters, “The illusion of some sort of a Democratic process in a constitutional republic is a narrative that we’ve been fed. But what reality is, is ballot boxes, mail-in voting, vote-counting stoppages … internet-connected voting machines.” Peters and Rogers discuss what solutions remain.

Guardians Of Looking Glass

The mysterious anonymous group, Guardians of the Looking Glass, released a new video that is quite different and controversial from the previous ones, where they warn that events that needed to be prevented, weren’t.

“There is no time left,” the Guardians said in their interpetation of the Project Looking Glass timelines. “This does not mean there is no hope at all. But it is a great setback for the world and humanity.” So, the release begs the questions: Are the Guardians legitimate? Is this a psyop? Inspired host Jean Nolan welcomes filmmaker and researcher Frank Jacob to flesh out the details.

Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes reports that President Biden has declared a state of emergency, citing looming power outages around the country and massive food shortages.

Parkes says the purpose for the declaration, which is documented on the White House website, is to bring the military into the arena. “Neither of those are actually going to occur,” Parkes said of the outages and food shortages. “That’s just a smokescreen given to the unawakened, unaware in America, to give them an excuse why they will see more military on the streets.” Parkes explains, plus brings intel updates on the Quantum Financial System, and more.

Gene Decode: Biolabs Destroyed

Gene Decode returns with a major intel drop, reporting that the Russian army has now destroyed and cleaned out 33 bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

Decode says the biolabs were arranged through the Pentagon by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe and Hunter Biden. They worked in conjunction with data companies, Rose Seneca and Metabiota Inc., and the engineering firm. Black & Veach, the Pentagon’s main supplier of biolab equipment. Decode digs deeper, plus updates other breaking news.

What’s Up When Russia Wins?

Gonzalo Lira peers into the near future to postulate what happens in Europe after the Russian win in Ukraine. Says Lira, “They’re going to wake up and realize they need Russian gas, Russian oil, Russian food.”

He says Europe is going to be in loads of financial and economic trouble and will soon realize the Russians have no intention of invading France or  any other of the European nations. Here’s his analysis.

Gene Decode: ETs Among Us

Gene Decode brings us a scintillating update on our galactic neighbors and their adventures on Earth, including the real story behind the 1908 Tunguska incident in Russia, a 12-megaton explosion that leveled 60 million trees in a 1,500-square-mile desolate region ofn Siberia. Video courtesy of Chembuster.

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

While the explosion in advanced technology in the last century has improved our lives immensely, perhaps the only thing that hasn’t changed is the medical capacity of modern science to understand and conquer a deadly disease such as cancer.

Doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with diverse, apparently effective, solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken seriously by official medicine.  At the same time, more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it.

Why? The following documentary, courtesy of Chembuster, brings us some answers and talks about the current pharmaceutical industry and how much its influence has changed Washington and its policies on the medical industry.

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