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Here We Go Again

Almost like clockwork, Leftists are trying once again to ban Grand Theft Auto, claiming the video game has inspired a new generation of carjackings. If you seem to remember this happening before, indeed it has. But today’s Leftists are resurrecting the same censorship moves they always push, this time to solve problems involving increased crime in the city of Chicago. Why protect that city? The Democrats are destroying it as we speak. More from The Salty Cracker.

Corona World

Have you played Corona World yet? It’s the hot new online video game from German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF where you play a nurse who has to go shopping while being assaulted by joggers, party people, preppers and highly contagious children. So what do you do? You stomp them to death, of course! Fun for all ages! More from the Corbett Report.

The Moderation Trap

Are video games an addiction? Or a harmless hobby? More from Ramzpaul.

Face it: All video games are racist! The people who create them are racist! The people who play them are racist! The characters portrayed are racist! The language used is racist! Here’s more of the straight skivvy from Sinatra Says.

ORC Rights

The final boss of virtue signaling. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The King Of The Simps

Kotaku has never really been a news source in my opinion but in this case wow, just wow. This is a whole new level of sadness from Nathan Grayson. More from The Quartering.

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Biden Attacks Video Games

We all know Joe Biden is not only too old, but also too feeble-minded to be the US President. Now, the Democratic Party’s favorite for President is engaging in a campaign tactic as old as the hills — attacking video game developers and saying they are responsible for outbreaks of violence. Talk about a bizarre, lame-ass, unprompted rant. More from Sinatra Says.

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In Defense of Video Games

WARNING: This video will trigger boomers and SJWs! Are video games problematic? Let’s look at the data and find out. More from Hunter Avallone.

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Drain the Swamp

Says The Truth Factory, “I understand people might interpret this as me making fun of some very serious issues and that isn’t my intention. My intention is to expose and make fun of the scummy people involved in those issues and how they continue to get away with committing crimes. I wanted to try something different. I love retro text adventure games and thought this would be a fun project. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to actually make a game so this is not real.”

Console Wars: The Musical

Ps4 vs Xbox One with a surprise winner! West Side Story Musical style! What is your console of choice? H/T AVByte

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Learning through Gaming

“People who play video games have much better computational skills, much better logic skills, much better search and cognitive skills than kids who don’t,” says Nolan Bushnell, author of Finding the Next Steve Jobs, founder of Brainrush, and the entrepreneur often described as the “father of video games.”

ReasonTV’s Tracy Oppenheimer caught up with Bushnell at the 2013 Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CA to discuss how video games can revolutionize education as well as Bushnell’s role in exploring this new frontier.

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