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Juan O. Savin: Return Of Trump

Juan O. Savin posits that the return of Donald J. Trump is imminent–possibly before the 2024 Presidential election–though this is not an opportune time for that to happen.

Appearing on the Ethan Lucas podcast, Savin says (at 1:42:10 of video) that because of the unsettling state of the nation, with its border crisis, debt-ceiling drama and the country tinkering with nuclear war, the White Hats are being overly cautious, managing the timing and being careful not to toss Trump into a situation where the Deep State would blame him if any of these events went awry.

“What they (White Hats) would do then is bring in a military action to where you’ve got a nation-state level captured operation and get it under control,” Savin says. “You wouldn’t let Trump get the blame for it.” Savin goes into more detail, plus explains what’s really going down in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Exposing The Matrix

Could it be that Earth is neither round nor flat, but a Cabal-created matrix? And in that matrix, are we actually living in a simulation, similar to a video game?

Nicholas Veniamin explains that the matrix is, indeed, a creation of the Deep State to enslave humanity and detach us from our spiritual world. “They want to divide and conquer,” he says. Author, musician and naturopath Ethan Lucas joins Veniamin on the podcast to expose the matrix and he also offers a recent encounter at the Denver airport, which he calls “a glitch” in the matrix. Here’s more and, as always, do your own research and use discernment.

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