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People Now See The Police State

The [Deep State] is now heading down the path the patriots want them to go down. The [Deep State] is planning on cheating in the 2024 election. They are using the same tactics. In the end, they will figure out that it is not going to work.

The [Deep State] will then try to postpone the election. The people see the police state and, in the end, when the country is close to war, they will call on Trump to negotiate peace. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

The Nuclear Nightmare Looms

London Real’s Brian Rose sits down with Col. Douglas Macgregor to discuss the controversial truth behind the U.S. government’s involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Macgregor, a decorated military strategist and trusted expert, shares his insights on the hidden agendas, political motives and shocking revelations that have been kept from the public.

Juan O. Savin: Return Of Trump

Juan O. Savin posits that the return of Donald J. Trump is imminent–possibly before the 2024 Presidential election–though this is not an opportune time for that to happen.

Appearing on the Ethan Lucas podcast, Savin says (at 1:42:10 of video) that because of the unsettling state of the nation, with its border crisis, debt-ceiling drama and the country tinkering with nuclear war, the White Hats are being overly cautious, managing the timing and being careful not to toss Trump into a situation where the Deep State would blame him if any of these events went awry.

“What they (White Hats) would do then is bring in a military action to where you’ve got a nation-state level captured operation and get it under control,” Savin says. “You wouldn’t let Trump get the blame for it.” Savin goes into more detail, plus explains what’s really going down in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Russians Score Big Victory

Ruissians have seized control of Bakhmut, a city in the Ukraine that has been on the front lines of the fighting for nearly a year. Will this bring the war closing to an end, or will Ukraine — backed by the West — keep plugging ahead?

Also in this episode: Mainstream media lies, Hillary Clinton, Crimea, elections, grooming of minors by pedophiles! There’s more here from And We Know.

Swamp Draining Has Begun

Trump is a wartime president, which means the laws are different during a war. The patriots are controlling everything we see and the patriots are going to use this against them in the end.

The scare event will be necessary to wake the people up and to conduct operations here in the US and abroad. The rest of the swamp will be drained once Trump returns to the White House. More from the X22 Report.

Russia ‘Wiping Them Out’

Despite reports from the fake mainstream media, Col. Douglas Macgregor confirms to Red Pilled TV that Russia “is wiping them out” in Ukraine.

Macgregor sets the record straight in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and gives his assessment of where things stand on the ground, including the astounding casualty numbers and the horrifying nature of the battle over Bakhmut.

Trump Is Vengeance

The [Deep State] is panicking. Trump just announced that he is now a warrior and he is going after the [Deep State]. Trump is now taking a war-like posture and it is activated.

The patriots have the leverage and they are now going after the [Deep State]. The patriots are prepared to obliterate the [Deep State]. The clock is ticking down. More from the X22 Report.

Is America Losing Nuke Race?

Glenn Beck reports that war continues to loom, especially with the world’s most sinister nations–Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and others–working toward strengthened nuclear programs with the West as target No. 1.

In the following clip, Beck discusses the latest in the nuclear arms race, which America seems to be losing. He details what he believes could be the most imminent threat facing our nation: Cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure. “It is, I believe, my calling to warn you of what is possibly coming,” Beck says. “I can’t say this is coming, but I will tell you that at this point, I can’t tell whether this is a prompting or not.”

Where Will The Nukes Drop?

Where will the nukes drop? And when will they start dropping? JustInformed Talk gives us a sneak peek.

Prepare For Bank Bail-Ins

With China ramping up its threats to U.S. national security and Russia talking nuclear war, what will this mean for the American financial system?

Natural News’ Mike Adams says that when the nukes start flying, the banks will immediately declare bail-ins via force majeure, a concept whereby they will relinquish any obligation they promised they were going to do. “All that’s going to matter is what you have in your hands, in your possession, in your control,” Adams says. He adds that many banks will go as far as to also seize your safety deposit boxes.

What does this all mean? Time to hoard cash and stock up on gold and silver! Adams explains further.

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