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“New” Blind Items Revisited #2

As some of you know, YouTube has removed the work of Jamie Dlux, work that exposes many of pedophile underpinnings in Hollywood. Now, he’s been reviving and revisiting these lost videos by reworking the material and creating new videos placed on Bitchute and other freer, alternate locations to YouTube.

Here’s one of these new tapes, focusing on the tragic story of Heather O’Rourke, a young actress who died at the age of 12 from injuries she sustained after being molested by a bunch of Hollywood pedophiles. O’Rourke had starred in Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist as well as the TV show Happy Days. Were Spielberg and The Fonz pervs, or just their associates? Watch and learn.



Trust Carol Anne’s Instincts

Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O’Rourke) from Poltergeist bumps into a strange man while out shopping with her mom (Jobeth Williams). We have to trust Carol Anne’s instincts, what with #creepyJoe tracking her every movement. More from Something Wicked.

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Many rock stars were pedophiles. They didn’t think twice about screwing 12 and 13-year-old girls. Don’t believe us? Listen and learn. More from Gavin McInnes.

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Why do as many as 800,000 American children go missing every year? You can thank Hollywood for that. It’s full of huffers and baby humpers who have been preying upon our kids. They did it at Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island. They have been doing it for more than 100 years. But their reign of terror is about to end.

Hollywood Is Burning!

McAllister TV has a brand new series called “Hollywood is Burning.” Here, she will delve into the latest scandals to plague the sin-infested California home of the film industry. Covered in this episode: HIB-tainted adrenochrome!!! Updates on Judith Barsi and Heather O’Rourke!!! What’s with the Hollywood clown psyop!!!

The Death of Judith Barsi

Just like Heather O’Rourke, Judith Barsi died at a very young age after appearing in movies directed by or produced by Steven Spielberg. O’Rourke died in 1988, at the age of 12, after starring in the three first Poltergeist movies. Barsi also died in 1988, at the age of 10, after providing vocals for the animated feature The Land Before Time, executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

Here, McAllisterTV examines the death of Barsi. Newspaper accounts of the time cited police sources who called the death a murder-suicide, involving Barsi’s Hungarian father Jozsef Barsi. He supposedly shot himself after murdering the little girl and her mother, Maria. The mother had allegedly told neighbors and law enforcement authorities earlier about threats made by the father. But did he really kill all three family members? Or could there have been dirty-doings involving Spielberg, his co-producers, film personnel or even stars?

The focus here is on Michael Caine, who co-starred with Barsi in the 1987 sequel Jaws: The Revenge.  Was Barsi actually murdered by her father, or did she face murder perpetrated by Hollywood personalities involved in pedophilia? There have long been stories suggesting O’Rourke died just such a heinous death after being anally raped viciously and repeatedly, causing intestinal stenosis.

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Spielberg and Little Boys

Rumors have persisted of Steven Spielberg and his fascination with young boys. Mr. Gunk offers this probe centered around EMPIRE OF THE SUN. He says, “Hollywood royalty does not get immunity. Investigate. Question. Drain the swamp!”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored Mr. Gunk’s videos. In the absence of this video, we present Steven Spielberg is a Pedophile, a video made by Owen Benjamin, exploring the pedophile symbols seen in Spielberg’s films. Spielberg took the Divinity and transformed it into something Satanic. He discusses the tragedy surrounding Heather O’Rouke. Movies explored include the Indiana Jones adventures, E.T., The Extraterrestrial, Amblin‘, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List and Jaws.

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