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Gene Decode: The Real Ukraine

In Part I of  a two-part series, Gene Decode breaks down the untold truth and history of what’s happening in Ukraine.

Decode says we are witnessing a holy war against global Satanism, pitting Tartaria versus Khazaria, and also a spiritual, religious battle against orthodoxy. He unravels the concealed narratives and sheds light on the obscure facets of Ukraine’s rich history. Here’s more, courtesy of the Real Gene Decode channel.

US: No Peace in Middle East

Greg Reese says despite Joe Biden’s terse statement that there is no possibility of a ceasefire in the Middle East and Donald J. Trump’s unwavering support of Israel, millions of people around the world have taken to the streets in one of the most peaceful anti-Israel peaceful protest ever.

America and its vassals stand alone with Israel. Reese says most people see this for what it is: an illegal occupation sliding toward genocide, which is good. “The world is on the brink of a Holy War and the only way to stop it is a mass awakening,” he says. Here’ his report.

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