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Seeking The Truth In Ukraine

In his most powerful interview to date, John Mark Dougan speaks with Maria Lelyanova, a fierce liberal, antiwar protester of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Lelyanova, a Russian citizen, admits she felt unbelievable shame and guilt because of what she thought was her country’s senseless intrusion into Ukraine.

So Dougan, a former Florida police officer turned journalist, hired Lelyanova as a translator and took her along to the front lines of the war in the Donbas region to see things and speak to the people for herself–to seek the truth of what was really going on. Here’s the captivating interview of what she saw and experienced.

Ukraine War Hidden From West

John Mark Dougan returns to the program shortly after his trip back from the front lines of the war in Ukraine. As the only American truly covering the war, you will hear realities not known elsewhere in the West.

War is literally hell and the Ukraine War is no different. Dougan shines light on a war the West wants to hide. The more you know, the more you realize it should end and negotiations should occur immediately. You can follow John Dougan and his reporting on Bitchute or on Rumble at Badvolf. More from Sarah Westall, Business Game Changers.

Look Inside War-Torn Ukraine

John Mark Dougan’s documentary, Azovstal, vividly shows viewers the frontline of the Ukraine war. He shows fresh war footage, interviews journalists, scholars and war victims. You will also see the catacombs used as a military bunker by the Ukrainians.

When he says it smells like death, it literally does. What he doesn’t tell you is the fact that dead soldiers bodies are laying around the catacombs. It’s a real war zone. More from Sarah Westall via her channel Business Game Changers.

Meanwhile, most Europeans and Americans are losing interest in Ukraine. They no longer believe what their liberal governments tell them is true. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

War Is Hell: Ukraine, Anywhere

John Mark Dougan joins me for our weekly discussion about the war in Ukraine, his recent visit there and some uncomfortable truths the MSM won’t tell you. Watch till the end, viewer discretion advised.  More from RedPill78.

If you’re wondering why RT, the Russian news agency, has been banned by YouTube, here’s one possibility.

This is the kind of report the Western “democracies” don’t want their citizens to see. RT goes inside a prison camp in the Luhansk region of the Ukraine, run for the past eight years by the Neo-Nazi battalion called Aidar. Here, in a former sausage factory, prisoners were not only raped, but also beaten and thrashed. In other words, this wasn’t just a prison, but quite literally a torture camp.

So much for the propaganda that Ukraine is some sort of bastion of democracy and liberalism. The National Endowment for Democracy and CIA were said to be involved with this camp, as well as the Lithuanian, Canadian and British Armed Forces. More from Plazma.

Inside Russia-Occupied Ukraine

Checking in for our weekly report from the situation in Ukraine with John Mark Dougan, an American living in Russia, and here, visiting Russia-occupied Ukraine. More from RedPill78.

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