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Ukraine War Hidden From West

John Mark Dougan returns to the program shortly after his trip back from the front lines of the war in Ukraine. As the only American truly covering the war, you will hear realities not known elsewhere in the West.

War is literally hell and the Ukraine War is no different. Dougan shines light on a war the West wants to hide. The more you know, the more you realize it should end and negotiations should occur immediately. You can follow John Dougan and his reporting on Bitchute or on Rumble at Badvolf. More from Sarah Westall, Business Game Changers.

Girls Can Rationalize Anything

They had their reasons. Don’t question them. More from Ryan Long.

Democrats Self-Destructing

The [Deep State]/Democrats are now in self-destruct mode. Trump has now set everything up and the the Mainstream Media/Democrats are self-destructing over their policies. Sometimes people need to see the truth to understand what is really happening. This is just the first stage. The [DS]/Ds are getting ready to pull the trigger and Trump is just waiting. Treason, sedition, election fraud and crimes against humanity will be exposed to the world. Trump has control of the board. Watch his next move. More from the X22 Report.


24 newly charged with voter fraud in North Carolina and more in other states. A new DHS insider has released pictures inside the horrific Biden child detention camps in Texas. A former DOJ prosecutor is demanding that all US businesses take an oath swearing that the 2020 election was “free and fair.” A Chicago Cubs minor league player was arrested with 21 pounds of meth. Spain calls into question the statistics of their child Covid deaths and China has big money in USA education system. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] is losing its grip! The damn is beginning to crack and break. The world is beginning to wake up! How long can these jerks hold when the walls come tumbling down on their heads? More from And We Know.

Want to reclaim your birthright, take your country back AND hold those who have harmed you accountable for their crimes? This is HOW to do it. Mark Emery and Paul Peterson join the SGTReport to provide the details.



Meth Zombies Rule NYC

A Meth zombie has taken a bite out of a paramedic’s face. This happens as New York City defunds its police. And how much of our money will the Democratic yokels in Congress give NYC to continue their depravity? More from The Salty Cracker.

Soldier OD’s On Meth

Here is the story of a Finnish soldier, allied with the Germans, who OD’ed on meth during World War II. Surrounded by Soviet troops, the Finn entered into a state of delirium and lost track of his comrades, wandering the snowbound forests alone and bug-eyed for two weeks. He subsisted on pine buds and a lone Siberian jay that he caught and ate raw. As the Irish storyeteller Qxir relates, “Some had more fun during history’s deadliest conflict than others.

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Lincoln Memorial Defaced

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has declared war on the police and is militarizing in armed Black Panther-style patrols as America inches closer to civil war. Hank Newsome, chairman of the BLM’s Greater New York chapter, says the black rights group is “mobilizing” its base.  What could possibly go wrong? More from Mr. Obvious.

Full George Floyd autopsy reveals his blood concentration of the powerful street opioid fentanyl was 4 times the level known to cause “fatalities.” Floyd also had speed & marijuana in system.First arresting officer on scene saw “foam” around mouth, asked if “on anything.” More from Ramzpaul.

Only a few thousand BLM and Antifa protesters showed up Saturday night in Washington, DC — not anywhere close to one-million-strong march that Washington DC’s obnoxious bitch Mayor Muriel Bowser promised would materialize. As the protesters milled around outside the White House, the first images emerged late Saturday night of the damage these Leftist assholes have caused to the Lincoln Memorial.

What idiots!  Lincoln was the American president who took brave actions to free the slaves. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, who is behind the Antifa and BLM protesters, wanted slavery protected. The Democrats formed the KKK, specifically to frighten and punish former slaves as well as those Republicans looking out for them.

What have these BLM and Antifa protesters done? They not only defaced the memorial with their graffiti, but appear to have knocked a big gash out of the head of Lincoln. These are the first pictures we have seen. They have not been verified and have not been shown by the cowardly media. We will present any updates when they become available.

Drug Crazed

How come US authorities waited so long to ban the insidious designer drugs known collectively as “bath salts?” Why did bath salts remain legal after users began to exhibit signs of advanced psychosis and schizophrenia, sometimes running nude in the streets or violently attacking total strangers?

Reporter Nick Lazaredes from SBS Dateline in Australia journeys to America to investigate the bath salts epidemic and the belated efforts of authorities to control the sale and distribution of these drugs, designed to provide a cheap alternative to cocaine and methamphetamine.

Similar in chemical composition to “meow meow,” another designer drug banned in Great Britain in 2010, most bath salts appear to be coming from China. Under-the-counter sales of the drugs have been linked to smoke shops and convenience stores in cities across the United States. One of the reasons they have been tough to control: As soon as lawmakers ban specific chemicals found in bath salts, the chemists manufacturing the drugs will simply tweak their formulas to create different compounds not covered under the ban.

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Meanwhile, Hank Snow, host of the SciShow, briefs us on the science behind how bath salts affect our brains and bodies.

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