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Desperation Grows For NWO

The New World Order is floundering and flailing like a drowning swimmer. Their plans are crumbling, they’re getting desperate and starting to crack. Best keep your head on a swivel because things may get squirrelly with Clown-World going off the charts.

Is there a “Plan” that involves an alliance between Trump and Putin to take down the Luciferian Deep State? Can’t say for certain, but here’s some evidence that certainly makes it seem that way.

The Center for Disease Control goes full-retard, releasing a sex guide for people with monkeypox. You seriously couldn’t make this shit up. More from SonofEnos.

War Is Hell: Ukraine, Anywhere

John Mark Dougan joins me for our weekly discussion about the war in Ukraine, his recent visit there and some uncomfortable truths the MSM won’t tell you. Watch till the end, viewer discretion advised.  More from RedPill78.

If you’re wondering why RT, the Russian news agency, has been banned by YouTube, here’s one possibility.

This is the kind of report the Western “democracies” don’t want their citizens to see. RT goes inside a prison camp in the Luhansk region of the Ukraine, run for the past eight years by the Neo-Nazi battalion called Aidar. Here, in a former sausage factory, prisoners were not only raped, but also beaten and thrashed. In other words, this wasn’t just a prison, but quite literally a torture camp.

So much for the propaganda that Ukraine is some sort of bastion of democracy and liberalism. The National Endowment for Democracy and CIA were said to be involved with this camp, as well as the Lithuanian, Canadian and British Armed Forces. More from Plazma.

Marxist Students, Be Careful

Marxist students should be careful what they wish for. Here, Lithuanian Lukas Degutis takes a stoll down memory lane to times when members of his family faced harsh reprisals from the Soviets, including getting imprisoned in the frozen wilds of Siberia.

Degutis is a student at the University of Leeds. In this explainer for Reasoned UK, he sets out why his family history and Lithuanian background should be a warning to all of Britain’s idealistic, Black Lives Matter supporting, Marx-loving students at our universities.

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Why WHO Lies About Pandemic

Here are the 425 billion reasons why the World Health Organization or WHO has a dark secret about the coronavirus. That’s right: The real reason why WHO won’t call this a pandemic. It’s also why US health authorities hold lots of secret meetings without telling the public the truth. Sometimes, the CDC or Center for Disease Control even doesn’t let elected officials in on the secret. More from Lisa Haven.

Styxhxenhammer666 says coronavirus has now appeared in five new countries: the Netherlands, Belarus, Nigeria, Lithuania and New Zealand. He’s living in Netherlands, so he’s planning to venture out and buy a few more canned foods and get better prepared. More worrisome: The outbreak in Nigeria. This is a country with poor medical standards and crowded slums, particularly around the capital of Lagos. We could see some major carnage. Japan closes its schools for two months.

Within and without China, the coronavirus continues to rage on. A leaked report claims that actual covid-19 cases within China are 52x higher than the 78K reported by authorities. Whether true or not, that estimate comports with the massive heavy-handed response the government has been pursuing there.

Outside of China, more cases in more countries are being reported, especially in the EU. Since yesterday, new cases have been reported in Sweden, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, and, of course, Italy. The virus appears as virulent as ever. Remember those photos of sick people collapsing on the street in China? Well, we’re now seeing the same thing in South Korea and Iran. Infections continue to grow at a non-linear (i.e., exponential) rate. New cases & death are *doubling* worldwide every 4-5 days(!).

Containment has failed. The coronavirus is spreading worldwide and it’s prudent to assume it’s headed near where you live at some point. Use the time you still have now to prepare. Being well-stocked, well-trained and in a position to help others is your best defense at this point.More from Chris Martenson.

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San Francisco is declaring an emergency over the coronavirus. The CDC says it’s coming: It’s no longer a matter of it, but when. People are beginning to fight over fight. More from Tim Pool.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain updates you on the latest news on this radical new health threat. The first case in Pakistan has been reported. It’s now spreading faster outside China than within China.

Is it time to panic?



Blow Job

The women are beautiful and the action is shot in glorious slow-motion, but Tadas Cerniauskas’ Blow Job probably isn’t what you think. Shot in Lithuania with music by Freaks on Floor, this high-concept video also has spawned a widely seen slideshow collection. Learn more about “Tadao Cern’s” evolution from architect to wedding photographer to a more cutting-edge filmmaker by visiting his website at

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