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Bunkers, Bombers and Boxes

After police raided an underground bunker in West Germany discovering child pornography and illegal and synthetic drugs for sale, Vatican police have followed by raiding the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Office, seeking documents and electronic devices believed involved in suspected financial irregularities. And in the United States, the FBI raided the offices of State Sen. Martin Sandoval, D-Illinois, also removing boxes and a bag marked EVIDENCE. In Pursuit of Truth discusses these far-flung raids and wonders aloud if they might be connected. Also covered here: The crash of a B17 Flying Fortress at Bradley Airport in Windsor, Conn. This was one of only 10 of the historic planes still flying.

The [Deep State] has just exposed everything: the lying, cheating and their agenda. More and more evidence is produced that Joe Biden & Hunter Biden profited in Ukraine and China. Kurt Volker, former special representative for the Ukraine, testified Thursday and it was a nothing burger. The call to have U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, resign is getting stronger and stronger. Brennan panics. US Attorney John Durham wants to interview him. The main target is always last in an investigation. Flynn’s attorney is building the case to free Flynn. She has more evidence up her sleeve so stay tuned. Trump and the patriots are pushing the information out to the public. The public is hearing: Ukraine, China and other countries, corruption, treason and crimes. The mainstream media is trying to defend it all but it is failing. It’s only a matter of time. More from the X22 Report.

Conservative pastor Robert Jeffress says the Democrats worship Moloch, the Pagan god of child sacrifice. “Apparently the god they worship is the pagan god of the Old Testament, Moloch, who allowed for child sacrifice,” said Jeffress. “The God of the Bible doesn’t sanction the killing of millions and millions of children in the womb. I think the god they are worshiping is the god of their own imagination.” Also, in this episode of RedPill78, we hear about a secret message from FLOTUS. Also, America’s two-tiered justice system: one tier for the average Joe while rich elites can get away with murder.

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