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The Vaxxed Are Acting Weird

Reports abound that those who have been vaccinated are acting strangely. It’s directly related to the progression of Prion disease, also called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or mad cow disease.

The vaccinated will experience cognitive decline, increased paranoia, aggression and memory brought on by runaway spike protein production and mutation. Mike R. says that according to manufacturers of the vaccines, the spike protein was meant to remain isolated in the muscle at the injection site. “We know that’s not happening. It’s spreading throughout the body,” he says. He brings us a comprehensive look at the symptoms and what to expect down the road with future coronavirus variants.







It’s A Bioweapon

“IT’S A BIOWEAPON,” says Dr. Richard Fleming, referring to the virus and the genome of the virus. Dr. Fleming also asserts that new research indicates that the genetic sequences that are in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not match the source code CoV-2 virus genome, but are spot on with the prion-like domain region, which produces what the general public refers to as mad cow disease. This interview will chill you to the bone. Please share it far and wide. More from the SGTReport.


Experts Keep Getting It Wrong

Experts from Imperial College in London told the world early in the COVID-19 pandemic that if we didn’t shut down, the virus would lead to  2.2 million deaths. They also said, even if the whole population socially distanced, more than 1 million would die by August. “Experts” in the U.S. followed suite,  predicting the same dire outcomes. Fast forward three months and their computer models failed miserably. These same experts were also notorious for their miserable track record in predicting disastrous consequences for mad cow disease, the swine flu, the bird flu, climate change and resource depletion. The fact is, experts and computer models regularly over-predict disaster. Politicians are quick to join the discourse, asserting that they are only following the science. Says author and science reporter Mark Ridley, “There is no such thing as ‘the science.’ There is science, and science consists of people disagreeing with each other.” Join Ridley and consumer reporter John Stossel for more.

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