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McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch!

John McAfee certainly was no shrinking violet. Did he just drop his dead man’s switch? McAllister TV explores the possibilities in a new video that wonders whether McAfee and his wife are now in protective custody. Was he a part of the Q team, or merely a Q follower? Did he masquerade as Rusty Shackleford, who sent drones above Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean?

Also, explored here, lizard-faced John Kasich and his announcement on CNN about John McCain being executed. “They put John McCain to death,” he declared. We still don’t know the particulars.

Submarine Tunnel Crosses USA!

An underground submarine tunnel juts across the United States, running from Florida over to Texas and onward to California. That’s but one of the many secrets revealed in an hour-long podcast done by Jessie Czebotar and James Shepherd on the Right On Radio network. The broadcast was originally set to air around 5 pm but did not get loaded online until around midnight.

The biggest attraction for the show — a supposed dead-man’s switch from John McAfee — did not happen. Some wires got crossed on that one.

But there were many other secrets divulged and revealed. Besides the sub tunnel, Czebotar discloses that Adolf Hitler not only survived World War II, but came to live in Argentina — in the vicinity of Nahuel Huapi Lake, some 450 miles from Buenos Aires — and even visited California at one point in time.

Also, there is a countdown under way to September 19. We don’t know all that entails, but there are two YouTube channels to watch as the countdown proceeds. One is Rusty Shackleford and the other channel is Alice Down the Rabbit Hole. There apparently will be drips of news filtered and dropped from those sites, as well as possibly other new sites, between now and September 19.

There is a discussion of the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, the Nazi base on Antarctica and speculation that most of the UFOs spotted in recent years are Nazi craft from that base. There are now 10 different Reichs, says Czebotar.

Look for further releases from both the United States and Germany.

The Nazi Haunebu or Flying Saucer

Pedophantasy Isle Inc.

Latest drone footage from Rusty Shackleford shows workers still busy fixing up Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. They are digging holes, reinforcing pathways, repairing hurricane damage. The question: Who is paying these workers if Epstein is actually dead. More from Jamie Dlux.

Facts about Jeffrey Epstein’s suspicious suicide, Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators and who financially backed Epstein’s fortune? We dive in to all of that and an exclusive interview with journalist Whitney Webb who has been covering the Epstein case long before mainstream media in our first podcast episode of Truth In Media with Ben Swann.

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Jean-Luc Brunel, Jeffrey’s cohort who gifted him with 3 12-year-old girls for his birthday, has gone missing. Also MIA is Adrianna Ross, an Epstein “recruiter” of underage girls. Like ghosts, they’re gone! Also: what happened in Mobile, AL and Odessa, TX and on the good ship Conception owned by Truth Aquatics. More from Lori Colley.

TRUNEWS host and founder Rick Wiles shares with the audience this weekend’s experience with Hurricane Dorian, and the lessons of faith learned in the process. Later, Edward Szall joins the Godcast to share the latest updates on Jeffrey Epstein and his decadent Zorro Ranch, as his interview with New Mexico radio owner Eddy Aragon shows the state’s connections to the scandal, and high profile guests, such as Prince Andrew, former Governor Bill Richardson, and Richard Branson. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall.

A blow-up from the Rusty Shackleford video shows a figure who looks an awful lot like Jeffrey Epstein. We’re not saying it’s him. But it wouldn’t be surprising if it was — only surprising that he was out of custody and on Little St. James Island!

Peepin In Yo Windows

Jamie Dlux offers a bird’s-eye view of Little St. James Island, Jeffrey Epstein’s estate in the Virgin islands, using new Shackelford drone footage. We have presented some of that footage here before, but new strands have since appeared and are incorporated by Dlux, except around the Temple itself.

Now they are saying that ALL previous reports of Epstein working at Dalton from 1973-1975 are wrong. I look at that in the first half. In the second half I show you that Gardner P Dunnan may someday face legal trouble of his own – this guy has been involved in some questionable projects & activities and yet he keeps getting hired to work in education. More from Amazing Polly.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein? What was his childhood like? His family? Where did all of his money come from? More from Davey Crocko.

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